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Virgin Media bills: how to check and pay your bills

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Last update: October 20, 2023
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With virgin media bills, you can use a Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro card to make a one-time payment toward your Virgin Media account online. This article explains how to view virgin media bills, make payments online or over the phone and how to switch to e-billing. With Virgin Media, you can access various connectivity options in one location.

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How to view your Virgin Media bill

Through a set-top box and on the move on tablets and smartphones, Virgin Media combines live TV, thousands of hours of on-demand programming, and a wide variety of apps for users. Knowing how to view your bills could help you stay connected to Virgin Media services. Here is how to view your virgin media bills:

  • You could view your broadband, TV and landline bill online for the last 12 months by opening a new account or logging in to an existing one.
  • Additionally, you can access Your Account to manage your Direct Debit information and make payments. You can still access your bill by logging into Your Service if you have an Oomph bundle for your broadband, TV, or landline account.
  • By creating or logging into Your Account, you can view and download your most recent bill as a PDF.
  • To keep track of your data, you can choose to view the last 12 months' worth of bills as well as your VAT invoices. You can view your Virgin Mobile account online, look up your allowance, and learn more about managing your monthly costs, including an in-depth analysis of your calls, texts, and data consumption.
  • Setting a spending cap in Your Account will allow you to control if your costs are more than anticipated or if your data keeps running out.

How to pay your Virgin Media bill

Making a one-time payment, logging into Your Account, establishing a Direct Debit, and more options are available:

  • Using your postcode and the account holder's last name, you can pay your My Virgin Media bill in one go without logging in.
  • You can pay for your broadband, TV, and landline using your My Virgin Media account, or you can pay for your Virgin Mobile billing by logging into your Virgin Mobile account.
  • You must enter your account, navigate to my bills, and select Your Direct Debit to set up Direct Debit with Virgin Media for payment.

How to pay your Virgin Media bill online with Quick Pay

Your Virgin Media bill payment just got easier with Visa, MasterCard, or Maestro cards all supported to make a one-time payment for your Virgin Media online account. Not all pre-pay card payments will be authorized, and your card provider may want extra details before the payment can be approved. The payment may not appear in your account for up to 9 hours. This will not decrease or cancel any Direct Debit payments you currently make if you use a card to make a payment as a Direct Debit client

How to pay your Virgin Media bill over the phone

Contacting Virgin Media is as simple as dialling 0800 064 3777. You can find your account number and area reference number on your bill. Once you've paid, Virgin Media can safely save your card information so that paying by phone will be simpler for you in the future.

You'll need the following information to make a payment through your online bank or phone banking:

  • 23494314 is the Virgin Media Payments Ltd. bank account number.
  • 20-13-42 is the Virgin Media Payments Ltd sort code number.
  • Your payment reference number is 14 digits.

You might need to choose Virgin Media (1) as the business to pay in internet banking. You can find your 14-digit payment reference on the back of the first page of your bill if you receive paper bills. Find your 12-digit payment reference on any online bills, then add your 2-digit area reference at the end to get your 14-digit payment reference. You can find both references in your billing notice email.

How to switch to Virgin Media ebilling

1. Sign in to Your Account to make the transition to eBilling.

2. At the top of the screen, select My profile.

3. Select Switch to eBilling under the eBilling section.

4. Adhere to the guidelines to finish your registration.

Your monthly bills will subsequently start arriving at the email address of your choice each month. Go to My profile, Contact details, and then Contact email address to modify the email address to contact you.

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