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Virgin Media phone deals: iPhone and other mobile phones

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Last update: October 20, 2023
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Virgin Media phone deals have been specifically designed to meet the needs of every potential customer. This article explores some of the best monthly payment plans available to users and customers in the United Kingdom.

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Best Virgin media phone deals

You can get the very best mobile phone deals with virgin media. Get the best deals across Apple, Samsung and Huawei mobile phones. You also get unbeatable and unique to your SIM-only offers.

Furthermore, by getting Virgin media phone deals, you are signing up for exciting mobile contracts that give you a phone and SIM-only deals that give you just a SIM card.

Feel better about pay-as-you-go options? Virgin Media also offers you pay-as-you-go SIMs. You can also get the most value when subscribing to the available pay-monthly plans.

The best virgin media mobile phone deals cut across various brands, from the Apple iPhone to the Samsung S-series and A-series to both OPPO and Sony phones. Get the best deals at the best prices over a preferable period.

Virgin Media phone deals: iPhone

Like a few other things, our mobile phones are very personal to us as individuals. For this reason, it is important to take great care when choosing the particular mobile phone you would love to use. Virgin media provides amazing deals you can explore to get your dream phone without breaking your back.

Virgin Media has put together great deals across various platforms to make your purchase easier if you love Apple products. Here are the best virgin media mobile phone deals for iPhones.

iPhone 13 Pro ZERO 52 24
iPhone 13 ZERO 42.25 24
iPhone 13 Mini ZERO 37.35 24
iPhone 12 ZERO 37.35 24
iPhone 12 Mini ZERO 33.25 24
iPhone 11 ZERO 28.75 24

Note: These are the best Virgin media phone deals for iPhones over 24 months.

Virgin Media also has contracts suited just for you if you would prefer payments spread over a longer period. Below are the best virgin media phone deals over 36 months contract.

Apple iPhone SE ZERO 21.50 36
iPhone 14 Pro Max ZERO 46 36
iPhone 13 ZERO 29.50 36
iPhone 13 Pro Max ZERO 53 36
iPhone 13 Mini ZERO 28 36

Other Virgin Media mobile phone deals

Virgin Media also offers a wide variety of great deals for products other than the Apple iPhone. There are great deals for Samsung, OPPO, Sony Xperia and Huawei products keeping in mind the importance of variety and personal preference in getting the best options for your mobile phone needs,

OPPO A54 ZERO 14 36
Sony Xperia 10 IV ZERO 22 36
Samsung Galaxy A22 5G ZERO 15 36
Samsung Galaxy A13 ZERO 17 36
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 ZERO 60 36
Samsung Galaxy S20 FE ZERO 22 36

Virgin Media mobile phone deals for existing customers

Virgin Media also provides great packages exclusive to customers that have been with them for a while. You'll benefit from exclusive discounts on mobile phone contracts if you're already a Virgin Media customer. Here are some of the best mobile phone packages for existing customers.

Data rollover

Virgin Media has no plans to let its customer's unused data end up as waste. To avoid this, they have devised a method that lets you use rolled-over data for the next month. Rolled-over data, however, cannot be used beyond the next month as it only lasts for a Month.

Refer a friend

Virgin Media rewards customers up to £50 in cash when they refer a friend to one of the following services:

  • Virgin Media
  • Virgin Mobile
  • O2 Volt packages

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media Phone Deals

How is the coverage on Virgin Mobile Phones?

Virgin Media's partnership with the EE and Vodafone network provides some of the best coverage and superfast speeds on the market.

Is the Pay as you offer still available?

No, it isn't. Virgin stopped offering the Pay-as-you-go option in February 2022.

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