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Virgin Media Business: broadband, phone, and T.V. for big and small companies

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Last update: October 21, 2023
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Virgin media allows businesses to connect better with their customers and people no matter the size, so you can move from where you're right now to wherever you want to be. This article explores Virgin Media Business, its products, billing services, and contacts. Let's get started.

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Virgin Media Business For Big Businesses

Virgin Media offers innovative and advanced digital services for big businesses featuring more than 250 people. The service Virgin Media provides for big business includes:

  • SD-WAN is a cloud-based network system to explore your digital potential. This wide area network allows you to scale fast while still providing your customers with what they need anytime and anywhere.
  • Cloud-based communication by 8x8 for all members of staff to communicate with ease. It's secure and allows collaboration with your team's tools to increase productivity.
  • Business WiFi solutions to enjoy ultra-fast and reliable connection and provide you with analytics.

Virgin Media Business For Medium Businesses

Virgin Media Business offers a variety of digital solutions for medium-sized business having from 11 to 249 people; these services include:

  • Secure and reliable internet access. Medium businesses get a strong internet connection with guaranteed speed without worrying about security breaches.
  • Cloud voice with the call, instant messaging, and video meeting feature empowers your workers to work from anywhere. Just select a suitable cloud voice plan to enjoy communicating with ease.
  • Business WiFi solutions provide excellent WiFi for your staff and guests with super fast speed, irrespective of the number of users connected.

Virgin Media Business For Small Businesses

Virgin Media Business provides small businesses with internet and telecommunication services, and these products include:

  • Instant Connect and Constant Connect. This is for small business owners to get online instantly and stay online without any network disruption.
  • Highly reliable business broadband.
  • 12-hour physical technician support.
  • 24/7 Virgin Media Business support.

Virgin Media Business broadband: deals available

All the Business broadband deals available at Virgin Media have a 24 24-month track, and they include

Broadband alone deals

The table below provides important details on virgin media business broadband only deals

Bundle Download Speed up to Upload Speed up to Working Resolution Price
Voom 400 400Mbps 40Mbps 24 hours £33
Vom 600 600 Mbps 50Mbps 16 hours £42
Voom 800 800Mbps 50Mbps 16 hours £51
Voom Gig1 1000Mbps 59Mbps 12 hours £60

Broadband and phone line package deals.

The table below provides important details on virgin media business broadband and phone line deals

Bundle Download Speed Upload Speed UK Calls Price
Voom 400 400Mbps 40Mbps Unlimited £40
Voom 600 600Mbps 50Mbps Unlimited £49
Voom 800 800Mbps 50Mbps Unlimited £58
Voom Gig1 1000Mbps 50Mbps Unlimited £67

Virgin Media Business Mobile: all plans

The Virgin Media Business Mobile has plans to cater mainly to small business owners that always had to stick with using personal plans so now they can differentiate their work and personal life. These plans include.

Voom Mobile Freedom

Contract: 30 days.

Data: 5 G.B.

Voice/SMS: Unlimited.

Price: €30.

Voom Mobile Unlimited

Contract: 12 months.

Data: Unlimited

Voice/SMS: Unlimited.

International: Unlimited to the U.K.

Price: €35.

Voom Mobile International.

Contract: 12 months.

Data: Unlimited.

Voice/SMS: Unlimited.

International: Unlimited to Europe, U.S., or Canada

Price: €55.

With any of these plans, you get discounts for more than three sim cards inclusion and roam free with E.U. roaming.

Virgin Media Business customer service and contact

Virgin media's business customer service is extremely responsive; you can reach the customer service team by clicking on the help and support section link. With this, you can talk with their customer service via phone.

You can reach the virgin Media Business customer service on the following numbers:

  • Virgin Media Business Support Contact: 1800 941 941
  • Internet & Data Services Queries: 1800 940 270
  • Business Broadband Package Queries: 1800 940 062

My bill at Virgin Media Business and how to check it

Virgin Media Business has made everything easy for business owners, including accessing your invoice. You can quickly access your bill with Virgin Media Business MyBill, an online billing portal you get access to immediately when you become a customer. On this portal, you can view all your bills as soon as it's ready and cost breakdowns to further clarify things in any format convenient for you.

It's very easy to check your bill on this online portal. You just need to follow the steps below to check your bill on Virgin Media:

  • Log in to your Virgin Media Business account.
  • Go to My Bills & Payment or My Virgin Media Business Overview.
  • Then click on the invoice you would like to view; you can view up to thirteen months past bills.
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