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Cancel Virgin Media contract: how to do it and when

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Virgin Media Cancel Contracts is the focus of this article. We shall discuss when you can cancel your contract, how to cancel your contract, when cancellation fees apply and what happens after you have cancelled your contract.

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How can I cancel my Virgin Media contract?

First, you reserve the right to cancel your Virgin Media Contract by giving a thirty (30)-day notice. Failure to complete the recommended waiting period can attract extra charges known as a Disconnection fee.

Use any of the Methods below to cancel your Fixed contracts.

To cancel your Fixed contract, you can use any of the options listed below:

  1. Using your Virgin Media Account: Sign in to your account, click on cancellation and follow the prompts for the option best suited for you. Note that you can cancel your contract with or without switching providers. Moreover, if you are opting to switch providers, you have an option to retain your number (this only applies to Mobile service).
  2. Via Text: To use the text message option, send a text with a description of the cancellation to 07533 051809. Your message will go into a queue, and a representative will respond to you.

Kindly note that this process is not automatic, and you will need to wait for a response to ensure your request is being processed.

  1. Via a Call: Contact Virgin Media's representatives on 789 from your Virgin Mobile toll-free or call 0345 6000 789* from any other phone.
  2. Via a Letter: If you would rather use the classic method of written communication, you can decide to send a letter to Virgin Media, Sunderland, SR43 4AA. Do well to indicate relevant information such as your Name, Address and Account number for easy identification.

Note: With a rolling contract, you can cancel your contract at any point without having to pay any fee so long as you give a Month's notice

Cancelling your Virgin Media contract early.

First, when it comes to contracts, agreeing to the terms of service at an initial point means that you have committed to receiving service from Virgin Media for a specified period. Nevertheless, if you terminate your contract before the stipulated time, you can activate Virgin Media Cancel Contracts.

To understand what this entails, you must understand a few terms. They include:

  • Minimum period: This is stipulated in your initial contract and details the minimum amount of time you have agreed to subscribe to Virgin Media's services. To know your Minimum period remaining, click on My Account on your Virgin Media Account.
  • Early Disconnection Fee: This is a fee you pay to break your contract before the minimum period elapses. The early disconnection fee differs from person to person depending on your current plan and the time of service left. The minimum fee does not exceed the amount you would have paid if you had continued to receive the service till the end of the minimum period and will consider the cost of no longer providing you with the service.

Note: You may have the right to cancel the contract without any fees due to an amendment of your contract. Virgin Media will always provide you with information concerning adjustments to your contract.

Cancel your Virgin Media contract after 12 months

After using Virgin Media for up to 12 months, depending on the minimum period, you can choose to keep using the available services or switch service providers. If you have opted for a 12-month-only contract, you can cancel your contract without any additional fees. However, if the minimum contract period has not elapsed, traditional 'early disconnection fees' apply.

What happens after cancelling your Virgin Media contract

When you must have successfully cancelled your contract with Virgin Media, a few details remain to be sorted out. Ensure you have thought through and provided for the following occurrences before your contract expires.

  1. You will need to return the equipment with your Virgin Media contract. This includes your Virgin Media Router and Set-top box. Failure to return this attracts a penalty fee and can negatively affect your future credit.
  2. After a grace period of about 90 days, your Mail service will be terminated.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media Cancel Contracts

Can I cancel my Virgin Media Contract?

You can cancel your contract anytime if you give 30 days notice.

Can I rejoin Virgin Media after Cancelling?

Yes, you can! Just wait two months, and you can join Virgin Media as a new customer.

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