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Virgin Media price increase 2022: all the price changes explained

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Virgin Media charges and price increments for existing customers are an understandable cause of concern for users. In this article, we will consider Virgin Media's RPI increase, how it does affect the company's products and packages and who will be affected by the price changes. We will also offer solutions to cut down on monthly expenses.

Virgin Media Price increases 2022: what to expect

When you signed your Virgin Media contract, they retained the right to increase their prices provided they give sufficient notice before the increment. Moreover, Virgin Media's prices go up in line with the Rpi for the year. However, for 2022, prices are to go up a small amount in line with the recorded Rpi of 7.1percent in addition to a 3.9percent increase.

As of April 2022, Virgin Media customers experienced an increment in their Virgin Media charges. For Virgin Mobile users, the increment meant they would pay more for their calls, texts and data usage. Using a method of calculation based on the annual Retail price index (Rpi), virgin media will calculate your new service charge and send it in your bill.

For existing Virgin Media customers, you can expect larger bills than you have been getting throughout 2022.

Virgin Media price increase: which customers are affected

This price hike for 2022 is expected to affect almost every user using Virgin Media's Broadband, TV or Phone contracts services. This means that millions of users across the UK will be affected.

However, there is an exception for users that fall into the following categories- Virgin Media Essential Broadband deal users, Talk protected Landline users, and Customers on 'out of bundle' plans, which don't use Virgin's cable network.

  • Essential Broadband deal: This deal is for low-income families and individuals receiving Universal credit. This service is pegged at €15 a month.
  • Talk-protected Landline users: This phone-only deal is designed for the aged and those with special needs.
  • 'Out of bundle' plans: These are plans outside Virgin Media's network.

Virgin Media price increase in broadband

The price increase in Virgin Media Broadband and TV is the highest increase by the company in years, starting at an additional €4.70 each month and culminating at €56 a year. With this increase, customers can either remain with Virgin Media or switch to another provider with cheaper rates.

Nevertheless, the actual amount your price increases depends on what bundle you are currently signed on to. This means that the higher your broadband package, the higher the increment is expected to be. Virgin Media will provide details on your particular package and bill each month, along with the standard increments. Also, the price increments mean that out-of-contract fees will also increase.

Virgin Media price increase on packages

Virgin Media offers various packages tailored to the needs of its customers. They provide Broadband, TV and mobile packages suitable for users of all kinds. You are allowed to pick whichever package suits you, including combo packages that combine two or more of the services offered by Virgin Media. The increments and projected increments also mean that the prices of the packages this year are significantly higher than last year

Virgin Media price change and increases: what to do

Price increments never feel favourable and can have a heavy toll on your budget. For Virgin Media customers affected by the price hike this year, you can do a few things to cut down on your monthly budget.

  • Consider downgrading your current package to one more affordable for your home.
  • You can negotiate with Virgin Media to see if there's a package that works for you.
  • You can stick with your current package if it is still the best fit for you.
  • Consider switching to a different provider. If you have looked at all options available and feel like the price hike has had too much of a toll on your budget, you can consider switching to a provider with more suitable plans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media's increased charges.

What is Rpi?

RPI is an abbreviation that means Retail Price Index. The Office for National Statistics presents the RPI figure using a few economic parameters every year.

Can I Haggle Prices with Virgin Media?

Yes, you can. Contact Virgin Media and speak with them concerning the best price for you.

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