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Virgin Media installation: how to get Broadband installed and price

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Virgin Media installation information is important for new Virgin users or users changing homes. In this article, we will learn about the different options to install Virgin media's Broadband; self-install kit (Quickstart) or to have your Broadband installed by a technician. We will also discuss both options' cost and installation time.

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How to have Virgin Media installed by an engineer

If you are a new Virgin Media user, or perhaps you have just moved to a new location, one of the major concerns you will have is how to go about your Virgin Media Installation. The good news is that various options are available depending on your preference.

You can take the simple route of having a Virgin Media accredited Engineer run the installation for you at a stipulated price. You also have the option to install it yourself using a Self-install kit. If you can install it yourself but choose to call an engineer, you will also pay the installation fee.

When you choose the Engineer service, you get to book an Engineer and pick a date suitable for you to have the Virgin Media Equipment installed. Furthermore, on the day of the installation, the assigned Engineer will arrive at the allotted time in a Virgin Media van and have a valid means of identification.

To ensure that things run perfectly on your chosen date, you should note these steps.

  1. Ensure there is an adult available on the day of the installation.
  2. The Engineer will show you his identification. Please disregard any individual without proper identification.
  3. The Engineer will speak to you about where you would like your kit to ensure the most comfortable experience for your Television experience.
  4. If your home has had Virgin Media services, there should be a cable box. If not, the Engineer will need to drill a hole and connect everything up through a cable.
  5. Based on your chosen package, they will connect your TV, activate your Broadband and test your phone line.
  6. As part of the setup, the Engineer will scan to ensure you have wifi in all the rooms in your home.
  7. Lastly, they will show you how everything works so you can operate everything easily.
  8. They are then expected to tidy up any mess left behind by the installation process.
  9. Before you sign off on their work, ensure you see the checklist for everything they have done.

Note: The installation typically takes about two (2) hours but can sometimes take longer.

Virgin Media installation: self-install with Quickstart kit

The Quickstart kit is designed to, in very simple steps, help you set up your Broadband, TV or Phone service all by yourself. It is a free and fast way to get the services you need up and running. For Quickstart, you can use simple how-to videos to upgrade or install your new Broadband, TV or Phone service.

To get the Quickstart service, choose the self-install option at checkout. You also get to choose your preferred delivery method if you get the option.

Follow these steps to install your virgin Media Broadband, TV and Phone service.

  1. Choose the best spot for your wifi hub.
  2. Plug the cables into the hub.
  3. Plug the cables in.
  4. Plug into the Virgin Media wall socket.
  5. Turn on and start the hub.
  6. Turn on and start the Box.
  7. Turn on your TV and get connected.

Virgin Media installation: how long does it take?

The time it will take to install your Virgin Media kit depends on several factors. The Engineer installation should take between 30 minutes to 2 hours, depending on your subscribed services. The self-install or Quickstart installation should take about an hour and thirty minutes (1hour 30minutes) because of how straightforward the installation process is. You need to watch the videos and follow the steps.

How much does a Virgin Media installation cost?

Installing your Virgin Media attracts a few costs, and we will be exploring them below

Service FEE (€)
Equipment Activation Fee 35
Manned Installation Fee 30
Self-Install Assistance Fee 50
Freedom Broadband Activation Fee 30
Freedom Bundle Activation Fee 50
Broadband Activation Fee 30
Virgin Media TV 360 Once Off Box Activation Fee 50
Virgin Media TV360 Mini Box Activation fee 25
Home phone - extra handset fee 30
MRV reduced price equipment fee 20
Remote control fee €2 20

Please note that your package and the services you have subscribed to determine how much you will pay.

Frequently Asked Questions about Virgin Media Installation

Can I install my Virgin Media Kit for free?

You can use the Quickstart option to get your installation done for free.

How do I install my TV box?

You can either call a technician or use the self-help videos provided by Virgin Media.

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