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What do Virgin Media Packages include?

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Last update: October 20, 2023
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Virgin Media packages allow you to make just one subscription for internet access, TV, and Phone. This article discusses how you can combine these services, how much it costs, how you can switch packages and more. Read on!

What packages are available on Virgin media?

Virgin Media offers interesting combos at affordable prices. These offers include:

  • TV, Broadband, and phone deals
  • TV and Broadband deals
  • Broadband and Phone deal
  • Broadband only deals

Virgin Media TV packages

Virgin Media TV packages allow you to Virgin TV 360 on your telly, online and on the go. Any TV package you choose, you can add even more live sports, kids shows and channels you love. Also, get amazing value by choosing a TV package that comes with a broadband connection and phone line.

Why should you get a Virgin TV package?

Look no farther for excellent amusement. Virgin Media TV bundles provide smart features and stunning entertainment choices, as well as customized TV packages based on your preferences.

Virgin Media TV package features:

  1. The 4K and HDR-ready TV 360 box
  2. Apps including Nrtflix
  3. On the go and multiroom options
  4. Everything in one place
  5. Access to premium rentals

Virgin Media broadband packages

Virgin Media broadband packages give you unlimited speed, channels, and minutes. Their bundles include superfast internet, a TV package, and a landline to make the ideal all-in-one package. There is something for every budget and type of internet user.

Virgin Media broadband packages give access to Priority benefits and experiences. The cost of your landline call plan includes monthly line rental. Plus, the powerful WiFi Hub. Popular Virgin Media broadband packages includes;

  1. Big bundle
  2. Ultimate Volt bundle
  3. Big bundle + Drama & Docs
  4. Bigger Volt bundle
  5. Bigger bundle + Sports
  6. Bigger bundle + Movies

Virgin Media broadband and TV packages

Virgin Media broadband and TV packages allow you combine your internet and TV services, you get the best of both worlds. You'll get a large number of TV channels and speedy internet to keep you and your family engaged and connected.

Currently the Virgin Media broadband and TV packages has 3 options available;

  1. Broadband + TV

This package costs 108Mbps £75 a month and comes with M100 Fibre Broadband and 190+ TV channels. Extra benefits include access to perks and experiences with Priority

  1. Broadband + TV

This package costs 213Mbps £81 a month and comes with M100 Fibre Broadband and 190+ TV channels. Extra benefits include access to perks and experiences with Priority

  1. Broadband + TV

This package costs 362Mbps £87 a month and comes with M100 Fibre Broadband and 190+ TV channels. Extra benefits include access to perks and experiences with Priority

How do I switch from one Virgin media broadband to another?

Follow the steps below to change your Broadband:

  • Select the package that suits you: Ensure you have found the perfect broadband package that suits your needs. In addition, early termination of a broadband term may attract extra charges, needing you to ensure you have exhausted your current plan.
  • Check your postcode: Proceed to check which broadband service is available to your region using the postcode checker on the Virgin Media website
  • Terminate your current contract: After selecting your fair broadband deal, proceed to fill in your details to place your order. Consider canceling your current term after ordering new Broadband. If your cancellation takes longer than expected, the installation date is flexible.
  • Go online: The Virgin Media installation team will appear on the installation date if you require any wire installation. Bear in mind that installation may attract charges.

Virgin Media packages for existing customers

Already a Virgin Media customer? Check out some of their current customers' favorite bargains.

Virgin Media Broadband Deal Average Upload Speed Average Download Speed Monthly Price Recommended Use
M100 Fibre Broadband 108Mbps 10Mbps £44 a month Streaming Video (Netflix, Britbox)
M200 Fibre Broadband 213Mbps 20Mbps £50 a month HD Streaming Video (Disney+, Apple TV)
M350 Fibre Broadband 362Mbps 36Mbps £56 a month UHD Streaming Video (Amazon Prime, HBO)
M500 Fibre Broadband 516Mbps 36Mbps £62 a month Online Multiplayer Gaming
Gig1 Fibre Broadband 1130Mbps 52Mbps £62 a month Fastest Virgin Media Broadband

Virgin Broadband Deals with added Oomph

Some of Virgin Broadband's Broadband packages are labeled as having Oomph. That is, these identical Virgin Fibre Broadband bundles now include not only a home phone but also a Mobile SIM deal. They are priced accordingly, however they are still somewhat less expensive than the Virgin Media Broadband Only plans.

If you want Broadband, Home Phone, and a Mobile SIM all in one Virgin Media package, these Virgin Media Oomph packages are worth considering. Furthermore, if you want an all-encompassing corporate telecommunications bundle, Virgin Media provides business-specific packages.

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