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Virgin Media Top Ups: How to do it and alternatives

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Virgin Media top-up services are no longer available to customers. Many users have been informed about this new development. To do a top-up, you will have to switch your account to a Pay As You Go or Pay Monthly SIM-only plan. This article will explore what this development means for users and other alternatives customers can use.

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How can I top up on Virgin Media?

Before the close of the service, Virgin Media top-up services came in card and debit/credit card top-up.

For Card top-up:

  • Buy a Virgin Mobile Top Up card.
  • Go to my account.
  • Click on add money.
  • Click on the top-up card.
  • Input your Virgin Mobile number.
  • Input the card number
  • Click on top up now

For Credit/Debit card:

  • Go to my account.
  • Click on add money.
  • Click on the credit card.
  • Input your Virgin Mobile number.
  • Input the amount you want to add.
  • Click on top-up.
  • Input your card details and click next.
  • Confirm by clicking on the top-up button.

These services are no longer available, but there are alternatives like SIM only.

Are there any other top-up deals on Virgin Media?

There are no other Virgin Media Mobile Phone top-up deals, but there are alternatives. If you're interested in staying with Virgin Mobile for your Virgin Media Phone top-up, there are several Sim Only Pay Monthly plans selections. You can also check out O2 If you are looking for a new Pay As You Go service.

SIM Only as an alternative to Virgin Media Top Ups

Virgin Media SIM Only is a great alternative to Virgin Media Top Ups if you're looking for a SIM card that will give you the same great service but without needing to add extra funds.

If you're a Virgin Media customer, using your existing account through the My Account app or website is easy.

All SIM Only plans have thirty days (30) days renewable subscriptions. Your plan will also remain the same except if you decide to change it, which you can do at any time. All the SIM are also 5G ready, which means you get access to the next generation 5G mobile experience.

The table below shows the plans available on Virgin Media SIM Only package:

Package Cost
5GB £6 Per month
15GB £8 Per month
3OGB £12 Per month
Unlimited £20 Per month

Frequently Asked Questions About Virgin Media Top Ups

Is Virgin Media Phone Top Up closing?

Virgin Media mobile phone top-up has closed as of January 2022.

What does Virgin Media phone top-up closure mean for customers?

There is no cause for alarm as you can switch to Virgin Media Pay Monthly plans like Sim only and mobile phones if you want to stick with Virgin Media. You can also move to O2 if you want to remain on Pay As You Go.

What happens if I still have credit on my Pay As You Go Sim?

You can request a refund if you still have credit on your Pay As You Go Sim. You have up to twelve months after the service has ended to request a refund.

How will I get the refund?

The refund of the unused credit will be made through bank transfer.

Is Sim Only better than Pay As You Go?

Sim Only Plans come with a thirty days renewable subscription. You do not have to constantly top up whenever you need to make a call because you have unlimited calls, texts, and a substantial data plan.

Why did Virgin Media top-up disappear?

The Virgin Media Mobile Phone top-up service is no longer available because the service ended in January 2022.

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