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Virgin Media Box: How To Get One And Troubleshooting

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Last update: September 29, 2023
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Virgin Media TV boxes possess some fantastic features you may not know about and wish to know. Also, It can be frustrating when your Virgin TV boxes develop faults, and you have no clues on how to fix them. However, this article will answer all your queries.

Virgin Media TV Box

The virgin media has the V6 box model and the 360 box model. The V6 box model precedes the 360 models. It has many great features like the find my remote, TiVo recording, etc. However, The Virgin TV 360 box is the latest model with even more outstanding features than the V6's.

Virgin 360 TV box: the ultimate viewing experience

At the moment, Virgin considers their 360 models as the best TV box they have made yet, owing to its unique features. This 360 box lets you do several things, including voice searches, streamlining recommendations with customised profiles, live streaming, etc.

What are the features of the Virgin TV 360 box?

Virgin embedded several cool and innovative features in this model, including:

The voice search functionality allows you to be seamless and quickly navigate to a program, switch to the channels you desire or open an application, all by saying what you wish to see. Cool, isn't it? It also has voice control enabled, meaning you can pause, play or start over programs simply by saying 'Pause', 'Play', and 'Start-over'.

Personalised profiles

The 360 box allows a sign-in of up to 6 users, each with unique settings and information. This customisable feature allows multiple users to select their favourite channels and get recommendations that are peculiar to them without altering other users' settings.

Simple guide

The Virgin TV 360 model offers convenient and easy navigation. The menu arrangement resembles that of a tablet or mobile, allowing you to locate what you need at the moment quickly.

Multi-room streaming

If you purchase additional TV boxes or use the free streaming service on your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, you can enjoy 360 on several screens. With Virgin TV Go, stream 360 to up to five of your devices. You may add up to two Mini boxes for an extra fee, with the 360 boxes being the standard. This feature may help minimise the fight over the remote.

Ultra HD Display

The 360 box offers crystal clear graphics, giving you an excellent view of your programmes. Whether you're watching from the mini box or main-set, the pictures retain their qualities. The HD feature requires to have an HD-compatible TV.

Virgin Media V6 Box with TiVo

The V6 box with TiVo is also not without some excellent features: these features include:

You may immediately watch your shows, bookmark them for later viewing, or set up a Series Link to let TiVo record the series. Additionally, it will locate and display any additional episodes that may be available on Netflix, Catch Up TV, or Box Sets. It will store them all in one convenient folder to view whenever possible.

500 hours of recording time

V6 box offers 500 hours of recording times with a storage capacity of 1GB. This feature allows you to pause, play and rewind your favourite TV shows.

The Find My Remote feature

The Find My Remote feature allows you to locate your remote quickly. Once you have triggered this feature, all you have to do is listen to the beeping of the remote. No more playing hide and seek with the remote!

Why is my virgin TV box not working?

When your virgin box is not working or malfunctioning, it may be due to various reasons, including:

  • Hub or Router problems
  • HDMI or other wire or loose connections problems
  • Account or subscription problems
  • Problems with the TV

How do I fix problems with my Virgin Box?

You can apply several fixes when your virgin box is not functioning as expected. Below is a list of quick fixes you can use.

Turn off and turn on the box and the router.

Often, all you need to do to fix problems with your box is a simple turn-off and turn-on operation. While the box is back on, see if the problem has gone.

While the box is off, you may check for, tighten, or reconnect any loose or disconnected connections. Allow the box to boot up and check the lights. White light means you're good to go, while the amber or green lights indicate problems.

Check for connection outages.

At times, you might not be the only one experiencing the issues. There might be general connection problems. A red flashing on the HUB 3 shows a problem with the WiFi. If the WiFi is okay, check if it's a known outage.

See issues with accounts.

A non-working account might cause a malfunctioning box. To address issues with accounts, contact the Virgin Media helpline.

What do the green flashings on my virgin box mean?

Green light flashings on the power light may be due to different issues, including:

  • Loose connections between the hubs and the cables. Check the links and tighten them.
  • Improper connection of the box to the router or hub. To fix this, check and tighten the wire between the hub/router and the box.
  • Power supply issues. To solve this, check if there is low voltage or connect the box correctly to the power source.

How do I upgrade my Virgin box to a 360 box?

Follow these steps

  • Log in to the My Virgin Media platform and follow the steps to upgrade your TV package.
  • You may decide to get new boxes and a remote to replace your old ones, or download the Virgin 360 software upgrade on your existing box and get a new 360 remote. The choice is yours!
  • Follow the easy-to-use guide to complete your new 360 box setup. For V6 boxes, navigate to the discovery bar, launch the 360 application, and follow the instructions on the screen to download 360.
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