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Virgin Media wifi Hotspots: How to connect and use wifi everywhere.

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Last update: October 10, 2023
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Virgin Media Hotspot customers enjoy the most comprehensive home broadband solution in the UK, with a broad range of innovative and affordable services, including online gaming, streaming TV and music, and on-demand and on-demand. This article explores how to find and use Virgin Media Hotspot.

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What is Virgin Media wifi Hotspot Service?

When customers are out and about, Virgin Media wifi connects them to slick, quick Virgin Media wifi hotspots. Virgin Media wifi is an all-inclusive new on-the-go wifi service. It's a small piece of wonder that fits in your wallet and enables you to access approximately 50 per cent of all public wifi hotspots in the UK, including those found in cafés, pubs, and restaurants, in the town centre and even underground.

Although you can use the wifi in public, the connection is maintained distinct from the public connection you use to access the Virgin Media hub's internet. Because of this, users of other people's hubs cannot see the websites or downloads the host is making.

How to connect and use Virgin Media Hotspot

Virgin Media wifi Hotspots are available in many public places, including cafes and restaurants, bars, hotels and airports.

To connect to Virgin Media Hotspot, follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your home is connected to the Virgin Media network.
  2. Get the My Virgin Media app from Google Play or App Store.
  3. Please create an account and sign in with your My Virgin Media account information.
  4. After logging in and registering, choose the wifi tab.
  5. Use geolocation or area to find a hotspot.
  6. After locating a hotspot, click on it and type the password.
  7. You are now connected.

Virgin Media Log in through the Connect App

Here's how to use the Connect app right away.

  1. Install the app for free from Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  2. Sign in using your Virgin Mobile, Virgin Media broadband, or both accounts.
  3. Click Sign in with a Virgin Media account and log in with your My Virgin Media credentials if you are a Virgin Broadband customer. As soon as you log in, the app will immediately connect to your wifi network, so turn on your wifi.
  4. For speedier sign-in, you may now also set up biometric and facial detection.
  5. Select Sign in with Virgin Mobile if you already have a Virgin Mobile plan. The app will recognize your sim and sign you in immediately.

What is the username and password for Virgin Media wifi Hotspot?

To access one of Virgin Media's hotspots, you must first register a username and password if you are a subscriber. Visit their website and select the My Account tab to accomplish this. As soon as you've logged in, select the Broadband page, then scroll down to the Manage your broadband area. You can set up a username and password for the hotspot here. This username and password will be your Virgin Media Hotspot username and password. Here is an example:

  1. Username is your Virgin Media account email
  2. Password is your Virgin Media account password.

How to find Virgin Media Hotspots near you

Thanks to the over 3.5 million hotspots in the UK, you won't often be without wifi.

Wifi hotspots are available everywhere, including in UK airports, cafes, bars, and restaurants, as well as all along the high street. Additionally, there are more than 79 London Overground stations and 250+ London Underground stations with wifi.

Your phone will automatically connect when you are near hotspots, but you can also use the Connect App's convenient map feature to locate Virgin Media wifi hotspots.

Can I opt-out of Virgin Media Hotspot Service?

Unfortunately, the opt-out service is no longer available on the Connect App. To opt out of the service, you would have to go to the Virgin Media website and follow these simple steps:

  1. Sign into your account.
  2. Click on My Profile
  3. Find and click on Virgin Media wifi Settings.
  4. Scroll down to my services, Virgin Media wifi.
  5. Here you would be given two options:
  • Opt-in to Virgin Media wifi
  • Opt out of Virgin Media wifi
  1. Click on opt out to disable the service.
  2. Click on confirm.

If you opt-out of Virgin Media Hotspot service, you can still have access to connect to other Virgin Media Hotspot as long as you have the Virgin Media Connect App installed. Opting out of the service may take a couple of days before it takes effect; it is usually between two to four days.

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