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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Things to know before you cancel XLN Telecom Broadband

Make sure you double check your contract before you leave. You may face early cancellation fees if you are under your minimum contract length.

The minimum term for each service you order is specified in the confirmation letter that XLN send you by post (or email).

With 30 days' notice, you can cancel any contract after the minimum term.

However if you wish to cancel before then you may face these charges:

Concept Charge
New line installation £99.00
Cancellation/Disconnection fee when terminating within minimum contract length:
Per fixed or mobile telephone line £299.00
Per ADSL broadband connection £99.00
Per fibre broadband connection £199.00
Change of premises charge for telephone or broadband line £99.00
Cancellation of new broadband order within 48 hours prior to activation date £69.99

Steps to cancel XLN Telecom Broadband

If you are looking to cancel your broadband contract, you will need to first find another provider. Once you have selected your provider, check if they are on the Openreach network. If they are, congrats! Switching will be easy peasy. All you need to do is purchase your selected deal and your new provider will inform XLN of your departure. This means there will be no breaks in your service either. Truly a smooth transition!

If you are switching to a provider like Virgin, who are not on the Openreach network, you will have to switch manually, which could cause longer disruptions in service.

Contact methods for XLN Telecom Broadband

To call XLN telecom, you can ring the following numbers:

For Technical support, call 0808 178 5200.

For customer service, call 0344 880 7777.

For sales, contact 0808 273 1369.

You can also email them at: : service@telecom-service.co.uk

You can contact them via their social media too or their Biz Hub, which offers a wealth of information about their services and some advice for small businesses.

XLN Telecom Broadband's Cancellation Policy

You can find XLN Telecom's full cancellation policy on their website, in a document called General Terms and Conditions. This outlines the entire cancellation policy, and what XLN are not liable for. It also outlines the complaint process and what happens when you terminate your service.

XLN Telecom Broadband's Cancellation Notice

You need to give XLN Telecom at least 30 days' notice of contract cancellation, whether or not you are in your minimum contract length term.

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