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What broadband deals does BT offer?

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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BT Broadband deals offer plans that will provide the right household with a lot of value, such as cheap prices and reliable broadband speed. Customers have the luxury of choosing from a variety of deals.

The benefits of BT Broadband Deals 

One of the main reasons to choose BT broadband deals is because they offer so many different benefits; there are four advantages that come with every BT broadband deal.

BT broadband has a UK and Irish customer service team that offers a feel good service when clients call to ask about the broadband.

All BT customers will have access to a smart hub that is more powerful than any other provider in the UK. 

Another benefit is that every BT Broadband offers more online security than other providers. This is a good benefit for businesses that need a broadband that they can trust to keep their business safe. 

Lastly, the speed that BT broadband offers is reliable throughout the day/night, so stay online 24/7.

BT Broadband Speed/Checker

There are two types of BT broadband deals that offer a decent speed, which may be suitable for all customers.

The BT Fibre Essential broadband speed offers 36Mb average speed and it allows clients to have one or two devices browsing online at the same time, this is a great deal for small households.  

BT Fibre broadband offers 67Mb average speed, which is almost double the speed of the BT Fibre Essential speed.

This deal provides a speed that allows customers to stream games and download movies in HD with multiple devices operating at the same time.

Find the best BT Broadband Deal for you 

Fortunately, there are other advantages about BT broadband deals such as the price and the contract length. 

There is always amazing discounts for broadband that will benefit University students and families looking to to save money.

The contract length is 24months so customers can relax for 2 years before deciding to choose a new plan.

However, at the end of your plan you'll become an existing BT customer, which can lead to cheaper deals.

Problems with BT Broadband

BT understands that there will always be problems with any broadband service in the United Kingdom so it is important to have a customer service team that you can trust to solve your issues.

BT provides high quality customer service and when clients join they will speak with a member from the UK and Ireland team, which customers can ask them anything they need to know about BT broadband. 

However, if any problems occur with the broadband then to contact the BT customer service team dial 00 44 1793 596931, this is a great way to solve your BT broadband issues.

Download the BT App

The BT app will help customers take control of their plans by managing their bills, data usage and to find new deals for existing customers, which will benefit them when they upgrade to a better broadband deal.

The BT App is designed to make life easier for customers, Apple users can download the app from the App store and Samsung users can download the app of Google Play.

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