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BT TV app Extra: what is it, and how much does it cost?

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Last update: October 13, 2023
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Do you have questions about the BT TV app extra? This article answers questions about the BT TV app Extra, including what it is, how to download it, how much it costs, unique features and alternatives in case it doesn’t meet your expectations.

What is the BT TV app extra?

BT TV App Extra is an app that essentially enables BT users to experience multiroom in their homes. This app is only worth downloading if you are already subscribed to BT TV. Customers may watch TV shows on networks like BT Sport on the large screen, without additional boxes, in up to two rooms of their home by using the BT TV app extra.

You can download the BT TV app extra on smartphones and TVs. However, to use the service, all users must have login credentials that have been registered. You may cancel the add-on anytime if you feel you aren't receiving value for your money with the service for just £5 per month on a rolling contract.

I';s important to note that popular channels like Sky Sports aren't accessible through the BT app extra; therefore, to watch these channels through an app, you must have a Sky Sports subscription and Sky Go.

Even if the BT app occasionally has issues, it's still among the best options for most users since it makes it simple to watch your favourite shows on the move.

Steps to Download the BT TV app Extra

These are steps to download and enjoy the BT TV app extra;

  1. Download first on the device of your choosing. Look for and download the BT TV app.
  2. Login.
  3. Use your BT ID to access the BT TV app.
  4. Watch.

BT TV app Extra: how much does it cost?

BT TV App Extra costs just £5 per month. However, if you feel this service is not right for you, you have the option to cancel the add-on anytime and, as there are no aditional TV Boxes to return or any extra equipment, you won't have to worry about any cancellation fees.

As you can see, BT TV App Extra can't be considered an expensive add-on and it allows you to watch all your content like never before.

What are the unique features of the BT TV app extra?

In addition to multiroom access, one of the most excellent features of BT App Extra is the ability for users to download their favourite episodes so they can view them when they're not connected to the internet.

This feature is ideal for app users on mobile devices since, while watching on the move without Wi-Fi, downloaded shows won't consume any of their mobile data.

Standard television programs aren't the only ones that are available for download. Since customers can download movies they've bought or rented from the BT TV Store, some of the greatest and most well-liked movies will always be accessible to watch on the BT TV app extra.

What are alternatives to the BT TV app extra?

Suppose you decide that BT TV App Extra isn't for you after reading this. Here is a summary of some of their other well-known apps that are now accessible through the app store:


Anyone with a current subscription to BT's services, such as television, internet, or mobile, may use this app. Customers may use it to stay on top of their bills, use data, and prevent getting hit with unforeseen charges.

BT Sport app

Customers of BT Sport who like to watch live sports on the go may do so with the help of this app. The app may be used as a central location to get the most recent sports news and to view highlights from the most recent major sporting events shown on BT Sport. A subscription that is currently active, login information, and an internet connection are required to use this service.


The BT TV app is BT's response to Sky Go. Customers of BT TV may access on-demand content and live channels they pay for through BT TV, such as BT Sport, through this app. Access to this service requires a current BT TV subscription, login information, and an internet connection.

Frequently asked questions about BT TV extra app

Can I get the BT TV app extra for free?

No, you won't be able to get the BT TV App Extra for free. However, if you already have a BT TV package you can enjoy your content from the regular BT TV app for free.

Do I have to pay extra cost for BT app extra if I am a BT customer?

Even if you are a BT customer and you already have a TV package, you will need to pay extra to use BT TV App Extra, but keep an eye to BT's promotions to get this app for a lower price or even for free.

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