How can I get the BT nuisance calls blocker?

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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Are you tired of receiving nuisance calls? BT brings a service for you to divorce unwanted calls.

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Block nuisance calls on BT

One situation that you are probably familiar with, is receiving annoying calls on your landline, particularly at the wrong time. Either during lunch, during a break, nap, or any inappropriate times, such as at night. In many cases, these calls are from companies or simply spam calls, producing a lot of annoyance to BT customers. Fortunately, there are ways to break them off, so no longer a concern, because we have brought for you a technology to block nuisance calls on BT.

What is a nuisance call?

Nuisance calls are all those unwanted calls from companies that aim to offer a service/product, or to make accident claims, etc. These automated calls have increased as technology advances go on.

On the other hand, there are other kinds of disguised calls. We are referring to fake companies whose purpose is stealing data or personal information.

What is BT Call Protect?

According to BT, there is a simple measure you can take to stop nuisance calls. To that end, you should be a BT landline customer. We are talking about BT Call Protect technology based on artificial intelligence. The technology is developed in order to protect its customers from unwanted calls. Call Protect is mainly a service that BT offers free of charge to its landline customers.

How to stop nuisance calls on BT?

The best way to break off this is BT stop nuisance telephone calls with Call Protect. So, if you are already a BT customer you can directly stop from your BT online account. It is a simple process, see below:

  1. At first, you must activate the service by calling from your BT landline to 0800 389 1572.
  2. Alternatively, you can directly go to the website Once in you shall sign up, login and you will have to click on the button that will automatically activate the functions, which typically take 24 hours to be activated.
  3. You can select to continue or end the service as well, whether by calling 0800 389 1572 or directly to the website by pushing the button instead.

The integrated BT technology will automatically forward blacklist calls to your voicemail, so you can identify numbers and block them.

How can I stop nuisance calls on my BT landline?

If a nuisance call is ringing on your landline, you should immediately hang up the phone, press 1572, and follow the instructions to add it to the blacklist.

What kind of calls will be blocked?

International calls, withheld numbers, and unknown numbers can be blocked. BT also undertakes to trace nuisance calls nationally.

Similarly, you can block calls from specific numbers, even those numbers of recent calls. However, the service is only offered by some landline providers such as Sky, including an extra cost.


Have you ever had you are waiting for a job call and suddenly, when you answer the phone, it is a usual call offering products? It has been happening for the last few years. However, we can block this kind of call due to technological advances.

There are many methods to do it, so we mentioned above the best way to break off this using the available BT service to stop nuisance calls. Alternatively, there are circumstances where you accidentally block useful calls, don't worry because Call Protect gives you the possibility to unblock them from the blacklist.

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