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Last update: October 2, 2023
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BT Sport football is the best source for live football in the UK. This article will help you understand BT sport packages and coverage, the price for subscriptions, fixtures, and added benefits. Please read to the end.

Can I Watch Football on BT Sport?

With BT Sport's live football streaming, you can watch live matches from the Europa League, Premier League, Champions League, and many other competitions. You can also watch commentaries from BT's top football analysts and catch up on the news about transfers, players, teams and managers.

On top of that, you can enjoy these in the best quality, in 4K, with amazing Dolby Atmos surround sound and multi-cam 360o action on the BT Sport upgraded video player.

Can I watch BT sport football on BT mobile or online app?

Yes! You can watch footballI on the BT mobile or online app. With the BT mobile and online apps you also get access to BT's enormous archive of video content, subscribers can watch all BT channels live, on the go, and in breathtaking high definition, ensuring they never miss a thing.

Not only that, but BT also offers the most recent news, interviews, and expert analysis, keeping you up to date with all of BT Sport's best content on demand.

The features of BT sport app include:

  • Every BT Sport channel is available.
  • Improved video player
  • Catch-up service without spoilers.
  • Innovative innovations for Matchday Experience.
  • 360-degree highlights from a few live events.
  • Major events are highlighted briefly and in-depth on BT Sport during live broadcasts.
  • The top scores, tries, losses, and crucial moments from our selection of live events.
  • News coverage of sports.

What Is the Cost of Football on BT Sport?

Although there are no packages for just football, with flexible TV packages from BT, you can quickly and easily alter your TV channel lineup each month. You can take one sports bundle when convenient and switch to a different TV package. Select a Monthly Pass to gain full contract-free access to BT Sport Connected by EE.

The BT Sport Football offers are as follows;

Package Price
Big Sport £41/monthFree Activation and Free P&P
Sport £16/monthFree Activation and Free P&P
Monthly Pass £25/month

Are You a Sky TV Subscriber Who Wants to Switch to BT for Your Broadband?

Sky TV subscribers who switch to BT broadband can activate the BT Sport pack on the Sky platform in less than fifteen minutes for £5 per month. Join BT broadband now to receive the BT sport pack on Sky.

Would You Rather Purchase the BT Sport Pack Along with BT TV?

Customers who purchase a BT sport pack and BT TV pay less than those who purchase the monthly pass alone. Customers on long-term contracts also get a free recordable TV box.

Therefore, if cost and free add-ons are important points for choosing a package, you should choose the two packages that require BT TV. BT sports subscriptions with BT TV also allow you to switch TV packages monthly without changing contracts.

Truthfully, the BT sport pack with BT TV is the best option for football fans who want to follow every important football game without breaking the bank. The only advantage of the monthly pass is that you can quit anytime.

Live Football on BT Sport: Which Matches are Included?

The Premier League (fifty-two games per season), Champions League (every game), Europa League (every game), and FA Cup (twenty-four games per season) are all available on BT Sport Football.

BT Sport Football: Fixtures and Schedule

To find BT sport football fixtures and schedules, follow these simple steps

  1. Visit the BT football fixtures and schedule page
  2. Select the match day you wish to check
  3. Scroll down to see fixtures for different football leagues.

You can also check live scores and scorers in various live games across various leagues. Use the search option to check fixtures for your favourite teams.

Can I Get Football on BT Sport for Free?

You can get football on BT sport for free if

  1. You're a BT Broadband customer using the BT Sport app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. If you have a pay monthly, tablet, data or twelve-month SIM-only contract with EE (just three months free trial).
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