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Last update: May 29, 2023
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This article will help you understand BT eSim: what a BT eSim is, how to use the BT eSim on various devices, BT eSim packages, how much BT eSims cost, and if they are a great choice for you. Please read on carefully.

Get an eSIM plan with BT

What is a BT eSIM

A BT eSIM is a digital SIM card that allows you to get any compatible BT plan on your phone without the need of a physical card. This buil-in SIM makes switching providers or plans even easier as you won't have to wait for a new SIM card each time you change, you just have to download your SIM on your compatible phone and that's it.

Typically, users merely need to stop by a nearby store, phone customer care, or download an eSIM to obtain an eSIM pack. They are pretty simple to add to a data plan; you may quickly link eSIM-equipped devices to a mobile account

Does BT mobile support eSIM?

BT mobile supports eSIM, however this option is only available to BT Business customers. If you are a residential BT customer, you won't be able to get an eSIM with this provider, at least not yet.

As seamless connectivity becomes the standard, devices such as computers and tablets will also start to use BT eSIMs. it is only a matter of time before BT implements its eSIM plans to all of their customers, however we still have to wait.

eSIM with BT: price and charges

Depending on your preference, BT will either give you a new SIM card or let you use an eSIM. On BT, select a SIM-Only plan for £12 per month (ex-VAT) with additional benefits, including various adjustable Smart Benefits. There is also an additional five per cent discount on BT 24-month plans.

BT eSIM for business customers: supported plans

The table below contains information on BT eSim for business customers' packages.

eSIM plans available on BT
Data Perks Price
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Stay Connected Promise
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Stay Connected Promise
  • Unlimited calls & texts
  • Stay Connected Promise

How to use a BT eSIM

Some devices support and use BT mobile eSIM. Although they are implanted in the gadget and cannot be removed, they function like conventional SIM cards. To connect to the BT network, all you need is an eSIM.

Find below different BT eSIM-compatible devices and how to use BT eSims on them.

BT eSIM on iPhone and Apple Watch

On these eSIM BT mobile devices, make sure you are first linked to wifi. Find the QR code when you receive your eSIM kit from BT, and then:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Mobile Data
  3. Choose Add Data Plan
  4. Use the camera on your device to scan the QR code
  5. Click Add Data Plan

To make it simple to identify who is calling, you can opt to name and label each line after configuring your eSIM. You may also decide which voice and internet plans are used by default. Go to Settings, Mobile Data, Default Voice Line/Mobile Data to quickly alter these. This procedure applies to the BT eSIM apple watch and BT eSIMiPhone.

Set up a BT eSIM on iPad

Make sure you are first linked to wifi. Find the QR code when you get your eSIM pack from BT, and then:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Mobile Data
  3. Choose Add Data Plan
  4. Use the camera on your iPad to scan the QR code
  5. Click Add Data Plan

You can only use a BT eSIM card on a Cellular iPad model. If you only have a WiFi compatible iPad, you won't see the options to set up a data plan, as these models are not compatible with eSIM.

Use your BT eSIM on a Samsung device

BT will hand out an eSIM pack with a QR code, you will only need this an your Galaxy device to set up your BT eSIM. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Connections
  3. Navigate to SIM Card Manager
  4. Choose Include Mobile Plan
  5. Select Add using QR code
  6. Use the camera to scan the QR code
  7. Select Turn on the mobile plan
  8. Select Restart

Get your BT eSIM on a Google Pixel

BT will include a QR code in your eSIM kit. When you have this, be sure to connect to wifi and:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Connections
  3. Select Operator
  4. Choose Add Operator
  5. Scan the QR code given bt BT
  6. Your BT mobile plan will download automatically

BT eSIM support: solve any problems

If you are seeking assistance and support regarding your BT eSIM devices or the eSIM itself, you can contact BT on 0800 800 152. However, there are other options to get in touch with the provider:

  • WhatsApp: on +44 7376 165207, Monday to Friday from 08:00 till 18:00
  • Calling from abroad: on +44 1635 691702, Monday to Friday from 08:00 till 18:00. Call rates depend on the country you’re calling from.
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