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What are BT Global Services? Products and solutions for businesses

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Do you want to know what BT global services can do for your business? This article discusses BT global services and the benefits they offer your business. It will also look at products and services offered by BT global services, highlighting the edge these products have over their alternatives in the global market. We hope that you find this article helpful.

What are BT global services?

BT global services knows that the ideal strategy for improving your business is to take more action than talk. Whether it be through reimagining whole systems, connecting the most remote regions, or resolving intractable problems. BT has encountered and resolved every issue with more than 70 years of experience serving businesses worldwide with security services.

BT global services: products and services for business

BT global services offer several products and services that have proven useful to customers worldwide, from small business owners to multinational companies. We explain some of these services below.


BT assists in addressing issues with data loss prevention, encryption, cloud service access, and information risk management with their security intelligence and managed services. From 16 authorized worldwide security operations centres, BT monitors and manages customer and BT equipment and defends BT from over 125,000 cyberattacks each month.

Every day, billions of devices connect to the internet with little to no security, and hackers use sophisticated and cutting-edge malware. Theft of identities, systems held for ransom, and phishing scams are only a few examples of the numerous global security risks. Your organization needs to grow and be protected, but you don't want to risk adding new security risks.

BT has the expertise and technology to identify and address significant cybersecurity risks worldwide before they make news,

Cloud Infrastructure

BT for global businesses has a global partnership with companies like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure.

BT can assist you in finding the ideal mix of public clouds for your company, IT, or application needs. In addition, they may ensure data sovereignty by providing you with a private cloud, either in your data centre or one of ours.

The secure, scalable cloud services that support the ideal experience for everyone who depends on them will be connected reliably to your facilities, people, and customers by BT.

They provide everything from telehousing and co-location services to the newest public, private, and hybrid cloud products from their forty-eight cutting-edge data centres. BT's twenty-two cloud-enabled data centres give more options than any other telecom provider on the globe, giving them the best cloud infrastructure coverage.

Cloud Collaboration

With the help of BT cloud services, you can expand collaborative working from your headquarters to your regional offices and remote employees to those on the go. No matter where your employees are, they can complete their tasks with the help of BT cloud, wi-fi, and internet solutions, which are provided in a manner suitable for your business.

BT offers technology that benefits you and your clients, increases productivity, lowers expenses, and enables you to respond quickly to market changes. They have over 840,000 cloud UC seats, administer over 660,000 cloud IPT and UC users, and offer wi-fi access from over 19.5 million worldwide hotspots.

Cloud Contact Center

With the integration of your current CRM system and legacy call centre systems, BT's wide range of cloud customer experience solutions may provide you with the ideal combination of phone, video, email, and online engagements.

BT helps you satisfy your client's expectations of first-rate customer service. They can provide that experience wherever in the world, whether you want to limit costs or maintain flexibility.

BT inbound contact solutions serve more than fifty-five thousand clients worldwide and administer more than sixteen billion minutes annually.

Additionally, five of the top ten global pharmaceuticals employ Cloud Contact, nine of the top ten airlines worldwide, and all of the top ten pharmaceutical companies.


BT networking has evolved. Because many platforms are no longer contained inside the boundaries of your organization, your business today needs a variety of flexible and rapid solutions to store data.

To handle the workload and expectations of the world today, you will need flexible, scalable, secure, and performant services with simple pay as you use consumption models. Additionally, if you want to build a functional network, you'll probably need to buy each separately and connect them using your knowledge.

Consider using a pick and mix strategy to select solutions that can be specified and altered as needed by your company, orchestrated and controlled by a single supplier and service desk that provides insight into every connectivity point in your infrastructure. BT manages a worldwide network spanning 198 nations and territories and is a specialist in sophisticated networking.

As a result, BT global business services can provide customers with solutions almost anywhere around the globe. BT links with hyperscalers on every continent (except Antarctica) and has many trustworthy partners that can supply data centres, public and private hosting services, and network connectivity, all wrapped with a security organization that protects and sees farther than others.

BT has more than sixty thousand Kilometres of terrestrial fibre under ownership and management. They regularly provide networks to governments, businesses, and nations to supply backbone and access across many different areas and countries.

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