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BT full fibre installation: how long does it take, and how is the process?

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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At the end of this article, you will have all your questions on BT full fibre installation, including full fibre availability in your location, how to get full Fibre in your house, the full fibre installation process, and much more. Please read carefully.

BT full fibre installation: is it available?

BT full fibre offers you up to twenty-five times the speed available to standard broadband users. Additionally, you get a direct connection to your house; you don't need to install copper cables or share them with your neighbours.

Full Fibre is still unavailable everywhere in the UK because it is still being rolled out. However, BT is moving swiftly, connecting thousands of houses daily.

To verify if the BT full fibre package is available in your location

  1. Visit the BT broadband offers page
  2. enter your postcode.

Full Fibre packages will be available in your deals if you can obtain them. If Full Fibre isn't currently available in your region, BT will show you your alternative broadband options and let you sign up to be notified when it is.

How can I get full fibre installation with BT?

Even though standard BT broadband connection is available to most of the UK, only about 18% of UK homes can enjoy the BT fttp installation. To find out if you can get the BT full fibre installation, please follow these steps

  1. Go to the BT broadband offer page
  2. Put in your postcode
  3. Select BT full fibre package if it is available in your location
  4. Proceed to check out.

You can book an activation date and time after you have ordered the BT full fibre package. You'll see the available appointment dates on your MYBT page.

Best full fibre installation with BT: discover BT Halo.

What is BT Halo?

With BT Halo, consumers may upgrade their broadband connection, save money on other services, and keep their wifi active even when their home broadband isn't working. BT Halo is a premium tier of BT broadband.

BT Halo has two levels: 3 and 3+.

Features of BT Halo 3

Listed below are features of BT Halo 3

  1. Home Tech experts: Customers of BT with Halo 3 and 3+ plans have free access to BT Home Tech Experts. Every day of the week, two-hour blocks of time can be reserved for these.
  2. Keep Connected Promise: Customers of BT Halo 3 can contact BT if they are experiencing any broadband issues or if they are moving and require a temporary broadband connection. To assist consumers in maintaining connectivity, BT will then offer a 4G Mini Hub (on the EE mobile network).

When BT Mobile customers report a problem with their broadband, BT will enable unlimited data until the issue is fixed.

  1. Price promise: As part of Halo 3 and Halo 3+, BT guarantees that when existing customers renew their contracts, they will never pay more than new customers.
  2. Double mobile data: This applies to customers that purchase BT Mobile plans in addition to their BT Broadband plan. Data allotments for customers with Halo 3 or Halo 3+ will be doubled. This bonus will also be applied to family members with BT Mobile plans.

Features of BT Halo 3+

Listed below are features of BT Halo 3+

  1. Hybrid Connect: When something goes wrong, it functions in conjunction with the Smart Hub 2 to instantly link a home's internet connection to the EE mobile network. The connection will switch back to BT once the issue is fixed. This automatic backup uses a mobile network with excellent 4G coverage, and BT refers to it as an "unbreakable home connection" because of its reliability.
  2. Unlimited wifi: BT Halo 3+ includes Complete wifi as standard equipment.

The following are provided by BT full wifi:

  • Smart Hub
  • A wifi disc to improve home coverage with up to two additional discs without cost.
  • If a strong signal of at least 10Mb is unavailable throughout the home, BT will offer you a £100 money-back guarantee.
  1. Smart hub 2: The BT Smart Hub 2 is an improvement over the standard BT Smart Hub provided to subscribers of BT fibre broadband. It was introduced in November 2018 along with the Complete wifi assurance and functions in concert with that service, specifically the boosting discs that go along with it.
  2. Full fibre promise: BT promises to upgrade subscribers of BT Halo 3+ to full Fibre when it becomes available in their region. Customers who don't already have access to ultrafast internet through the Openreach Fibre to the premises (FTTP) network should expect a big speed increase from this guarantee as their home will be linked to Full Fibre 100 as soon as possible.

Benefits for EE mobile customers

The following advantages are available to BT Halo customers who enrol in an EE Smart Plan as pay monthly mobile customers:

  • unlimited mobile data
  • 10% off each month on their EE mobile plan

BT full fibre installation setup

First step: Before installation

When placing yourorder, select a date and an engineer appointment time; BT will inform you of the options when you call. You may view the available times on My BT's appointment booking page if you're making your purchase online.

Your BT Smart Hub is required for BT to finish the installation. Please make sure to pick it up before the engineer shows up if you do miss its delivery.

If you already own a BT Smart Hub 2, a welcome package with an Ethernet cable and booklet will be sent to you. Kindly deliver these to the engineer when they come,

Second step: Installation

BT will phone you just before the scheduled appointment to let you know they are on the way. They will disconnect your old service at the street cabinet and attach your new one before coming to the house. Since Full Fibre employs FTTP technology, the fibre optic connection goes right to your home.

To have the finest wifi performance and speed, BT will then decide with you how to set up your new service. This decision could entail installing new cables or removing outdated extension wiring and powerline.

BT will upgrade the master phone socket (the white box on the wall) as part of the Full Fibre installation. BT will also install an Openreach modem (ONT) connected to the fibre optic cable that enters your home. The ONT connects to your BT Smart Hub and enables you to access the BT fibre broadband and phone services.

Third step: After installation

Once everything is configured, BT will perform a speed test and show that your Fibre service is operational. Additionally, they'll check that any previously linked devices are still functional.

They will ensure that anything new you have ordered from BT, such as a BT TV box, also functions. They'll also demonstrate how to connect two more devices and access the wifi password.

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