BT line rental: how much is it, and which packages include it?

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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Do you have questions about BT line rental? This article will answer all your questions, including what a line rental is, BT line rental cost, what BT line rental saver is and many more. Please read carefully.

Do I have to pay line rental with BT?

Yes. BT broadband and landline customers pay a fee for the maintenance of copper and fibre lines. This fee is usually included in your monthly subscription, and you do not have to pay a separate fee for line rental.

Line rental is a fee for maintaining the copper phone lines that supply your property with broadband and a phone connection. Your provider will charge you for the line's maintenance if you use it for either service. So, even if you do not have a landline, you still have to pay a monthly fee for line rental.

How much is line rental with BT?

BT does not charge a separate fee for line rentals; all BT broadband and landline packages are bundled. So, the price includes payment for broadband or landline subscriptions and line rental.

The tables below show BT broadband packages.

Plan Average speed Contract Length Installation cost Monthly Price
Fibre essential 36MBPS (megabytes per second) download9MBPSUpload 24 months £29.99 £25.99
Fibre 1 50MBPS download9MBPS download 24 months £29.99 £26.99
Fibre 2 67MBPS download18MBPS upload 24 months £29.99 £30.99
Plan Average speed Contract length Installation cost Monthly price
Full fibre 100 100 MBPS download30MBPSupload 24 months £29.99 £35.99
Full fibre 300 300MBPS download49MBPS upload 24 months £29.99 £39.99
Full fibre 500 500MBPS download73MBPSupload 24 months £29.99 £45.99
Full fibre 900 910MBPS download110MBPS upload 24 months £29.99 £55.99
BT landline plan Monthly cost Description
Pay As You Go Calls £5/month This package is the most affordable option to maintain your landline service and number. When you call a UK landline or mobile number, the rate is 20.9p/minute.
700 minutes £7.31/month This package contains 700 minutes to call landlines and mobile phones in the UK (any time).
Unlimited minutes £15.67/month This package covers free calls to landlines and mobile phones in the UK (any time).

BT line rental saver: get a discount on your landline

With BT line rental saver, BT broadband and landline customers can pay in advance for line rental. BT Customers who opt-in for line savers get to pay the price of 11 months for 12 months of line rental. Line saver payments are made using debit/credit cards only.

Can I get a line rental refund with BT

Yes. BT will refund any remaining upfront money if you decide to discontinue Line Rental Saver at any time.

Features of BT Line Rental Plus

Listed below are features of BT line rental plus

  • Call waiting allows you to manage both active calls and see when someone is trying to reach you while you are on another call.
  • Call blocking: prevents specific kinds of outbound calls from your home phone.
  • Call divert: forward incoming calls to a different landline or mobile number if you are not at home.
  • Three-way calling: call three persons at once.
  • Reminder Call: Schedule an alarm call to wake you up or to remind you of a deadline.
  • Call sign: get a second phone number with a distinct ringtone so you can identify who the call is for.
  • Ringback: get an automatic callback when an engaged number becomes available.
  • International and Premium Rate Call Barring: Take charge of your phone by stopping pricey outgoing calls to premium or international numbers.
  • Choose to Refuse: ban unwanted calls from up to 10 numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Line Rental Plus?

BT Line Rental Plus is a line rental package for telephone-only and broadband bundles customers. It has many benefits, including calling features, free paper invoices, and bill alerts.

Is my Line Rental Saver impacted if I change my calling plan??

Most of the time, you can modify your calling plan without impacting your Line Rental Saver payment option. However, certain BT calling plans are exempt from the Line Rental Saver payment option.

Can I keep Line Rental Saver if I move to a new house?

If you relocate, Line Rental Saver typically goes with the line rental paid for. You won't have to pay for line rental again until your Line Rental Saver deal expires. Everything will remain the same.

However, with line rental paid for by Line Rental Saver, there are some offers you can't accept when you relocate. If this is the case, BT will let you know. You might have to cancel your Line Rental Saver if you choose to move forward.

When should I renew my Line Rental Saver subscription?

While your Line Rental Saver won't automatically renew, BT will email you about a month before your current savings expires. BT will inform you when and how to take advantage of the next Line Rental Saver offer. Your bill will also include this information.

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