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BT Moving home: move your wifi to a new house or address.

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Are you a BT subscriber moving into a new home? BT moving home services ensure you do not lose connection to your favourite BT services in your new home. This article helps you understand BT moving home services, including how to go about it, how much it costs, and what you can expect when you move. Please read on.

Moving home with BT: how to do it?

Before you move houses

Do these things before moving house if you’re a BT customer.

Inform BT of your move

To begin moving house with BT, enter your BT login information. Select a relocation date and inform BT of your new address. It's usually sufficient if you can give BT two weeks' notice so they can get you set up. In most situations, they can accommodate shorter notice periods.

Examine your speed before placing your order.

You can check the speeds offered in your new location and choose the one most suitable for you. You will have to bring your equipment to your new house if you decide to keep your current package. You can continue the same contract and the same account or upgrade your package and sign a new contract.

Doing these things will help BT prepare for your move and ensure you do not have any connection setbacks. If you need a new hub in your new home, BT will send it a day before you move. If for any reason, BT believes your services will be delayed for more than two days, they will send a BT or EE mini hub with unlimited mobile data to keep you connected at no extra cost.

When you move into your new home

Plug in your hub as soon as you arrive at your new location. If you need a new hub, BT will deliver it to your new home a day before the scheduled activation date. To help you install your hub, follow the instructions in your BT hub or watch one of BT's simple setup videos. To fix particular problems, go to the BT help and support website.

How to cancel the BT moving home service

BT moving home services helps you move your BT services to your new home. BT does not require a contract to help you move homes, so you don't need to cancel BT moving services. However, if you need to cancel BT services, including TV, Broadband and landline subscriptions, please call the provider.

BT Moving home charges: how much does it cost?

BT doesn't charge you anything when you move into a new home. There are, however, a few circumstances under which there might be a There are, however, a few circumstances under which there might be a charge:

  • If you have a landline-only service and your new house lacks a BT line, there is a connection fee of £70 to get your new line placed and set up.
  • If you have a copper broadband subscription and your new house lacks a BT line, there is a cost of £30 to get your new line set in and set up.

However, there are no connection fees if you sign a new broadband agreement with BT during the house moving process. BT will always explain all fees associated with your home transfer and obtain your consent before starting any work.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my BT services get activated in my new home?

As soon as you've finished the home relocation process, BT will confirm your chosen activation date. Your services may go online at any point up until midnight on activation day. In the unlikely event that your services do not go live the following day, call the BT home move phone line at 0800 783 0235.

How much does it cost to install a new BT phone line or reconnect an old one?

A connection fee may apply if you order a BT Phone bundle, but BT will inform you when ordering. Activating an existing line provided by BT or another provider typically costs £50, and establishing a new line costs £130.

Can I transfer my old number to my new address?

It might be possible to preserve your present phone number if you reside in the same telephone exchange area. BT will notify you when your home transfer is ongoing. You'll most likely require a new phone number if you're relocating to a new location.

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