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PS5 with BT: availability and how to buy this console on BT Shop

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Can I get a BT PS5 at the moment? This article answers this question. It also discusses BT PS5, including BT PS5 deals, BT PS5 cost, and lots more. It also explains why PS5 consoles are hard to find and how to find one on the internet. We hope you find this article helpful.

Is the PS5 with BT available? Stock and restock

There is currently no BT PS5 stock available at the moment. This shortage is due to an ongoing chip shortage and delays in shipping across the worldwide supply chain.

The shortage was caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which compelled people to stay indoors. Global demand for everything from laptops and headsets to screens and gaming consoles sky-rocketed, putting global chip makers under tremendous strain.

Initial predictions by industry analysts indicated that the shortfall would decrease in the second half of 2022. But chip manufacturers will have to deal with high demand and limited supplies for years. Some experts predict that there will continue to be chip shortages until 2024.

That means many gamers worldwide will continue to face difficulties purchasing a PS5 for a long time. However, gamers can manage to purchase a PS5 on restock websites like BT that receive PS5 stock from sony if they stay vigilant.

It is important to keep your eyes peeled and frequently check for BT ps5 restock so you can get a PS5 at a great deal.

Will the PS5 ever be in store?

Yes, the PlayStation 5 will eventually be sold in stores. You are not the only one who is having problems locating a PS5 that is in stock. Restocks of the PlayStation 5 are selling out almost immediately. People who are anxious to purchase the new system are left wondering Where and when will they be able to buy the newest console generation from Sony.

Sony is having trouble keeping up with demand in part due to a lack of semiconductors worldwide, whih are required to build the PS5. Another well-known cause of supply problems has been Scalpers stockpiling consoles in order to resale them for much more than their original cost.

How to buy a PS5 with BT?

Follow these steps to buy a PS5 from the BT shop

  1. Visit the BT website (which opens in a new tab)
  2. Sign in with your details to purchase a PS5 from BT
  3. You should see a PlayStation 5 image and a code redemption option under the Offer area of MyBT
  4. After that, you will be sent to the BT Shop to buy a PS5 (once in stock).

PS5 on BT shop: how much does it cost?

There is no available PS5 stock at the time of writing. However, the official prices for the two versions of PS5 are listed below.

  1. PS5 Blue-ray edition – $499.99
  2. PS5 Digital edition – $399.99

How can I redeem my PS5 BT code, and what is it for?

For those wondering how to get the BT code for PS5, it is important to note that it is only available to BT broadband customers who want to purchase a PS5. The code will be revealed to you when you Log in to your My BT and scroll down.

Playstation 5 with BT: deals and offers

There is not one BT PS5 deal or offer available because BT is currently out of PS5 stock. You can check the BT shop to know when there is a PS5 restock and available deals.

BT PS5 accessories

You can purchase PS5 accessories from the BT shop at discount rates.

The table below shows BT PS5 accessories and offers on BT PS5 accessories.

Accessories Deals
PS 5 dualsense wireless controller Starts at £59.98 + free delivery.
Dualsense charging station £24.99 + free delivery
PULSE 3D wireless headset £89.98 + free delivery
PS5 media remote £24.99 + free delivery
PS5 HD camera £44.98 + free delivery
WD_BLACK Starts at £90.96Get 0% for 4months deal (pay 0 interest in the first 4 months) when you order 1TB or 2TB.

Is the PS5 worth buying

With features and specifications that guarantee players a never-before-seen gaming experience, the PS5 represents a significant improvement over its predecessor. An ultra-fast SSD that comes with the console almost eliminates load times for lag-free gaming.

Because PS5 games support 4K resolution, users can enjoy their games on massive 4K TVs. Additionally, it has Ray Tracing technology, which gives the games realistic reflections and shadows. The console has a maximum frame rate of 120. There are many PS5-only games to look forward to, including Ratchet and Clank Rift Apart, Returnal and the anticipated God of War sequel.

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