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BT scam calls: what are they, and how to report them by phone or mail.

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Last update: October 3, 2023
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Do you want to know how to deal with a BT scam call? This article will provide you with the information you need to handle scam calls, including how to detect a scam call, report a scam call through calls and emails, and block scam calls.

BT scam calls: what are they

BT scam calls are calls made by con artists pretending to be from BT. Put the phone down if you are concerned that the call may not be legitimate.

Common scams included:

  • Recorded messages warning you that BT will cut off your service.
  • Automated messages invite you to call BT by selecting options on your phone; if you do, you will contact a scammer.

Scam calls from BT: how to detect them

Fraudsters contact to request personal information, acquire access to your computer, and occasionally steal your clientele to make money, gain information about your clients, or steal your customer base.

Do not be duped. BT will NEVER attempt certain red flag behaviors that fraudsters try to pull off, including:

  • Call to say they found an issue with your PC
  • Request your PIN or online banking password over the phone.
  • Requests that you transmit money via PayPal or other money transfer services.
  • Call to report a breach in your broadband security.
  • Call to say your hub or IP address has been compromised.
  • Call asking to take control of your computer without your permission; if BT ever requests to access your computer remotely to fix a problem, it will be at your request.

BT scam callers will ask for something quickly; by applying pressure, they can hasten victims mistakes.

Fraudsters aim to deceive individuals into disclosing more personal information. However, because BT is a significant service provider, con artists have attempted to pose as BT representatives to contact BT clients; this makes it much more crucial that you exercise caution.

NEVER offer personal information to a caller you don't know over the phone. Please put the phone down if you have doubts about the call's legitimacy. When you're ready to contact BT, they'll be pleased to talk with you about your security concerns.

How to report scam calls from BT: phone reporting

Reporting scam calls via phone is pretty easy. All you have to do is call the BT nuisance advice on 0800 661 441. You can also send a text message to the same line, and they will text you back. You can also reach the national fraud and cybercrime network on 0300 123 2040.

You can also report scam calls on the BT website. BT will ask for details of the call, including the caller's phone number (you can still report the scam call if you can't provide the phone number), what phone the scammer reached you on, and where they claim to work, etc. Please provide the information requested as accurately as you can.

Report BT scam calls by email.

BT does not have a designated email address for reporting scam calls. You can reach BT customer service and report scam calls via phone calls, text messages, and the BT website.

How to block scam calls from BT: a practical solution

BT Call Protect aids in the reduction of intrusive scam calls. By changing your settings, you can select which calls you want to route to a junk voicemail. BT customers are not charged. You can easily get BT Call Protect online if you haven't already. (To access My BT, you must have a BT ID. However, if you don't have one, don't panic; you can register for a BT ID online.).

BT Call protect options include the following.

BT Blocklist

To dramatically reduce unsolicited calls, BT has compiled a list of scam callers that they will route to your junk voicemail. When you get BT Call Protect, they'll automatically switch it on.

Personal Blocklist

At My Bt you can add the last call you took from your home phone and any other phone number to your block list. Therefore, subsequent calls from those phone numbers will similarly be routed to your junk voicemail. This function will also be automatically activated, but unless you input some numbers, there won't be any.

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