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Last update: October 3, 2023
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BT track order makes it easy to check your BT order status. This article discusses tracking your order with BT: steps in tracking your BT order, tracking BT orders for businesses, and common issues you may face when tracking orders and how to fix them.

How to track your BT order?

To track all your orders via BT tracking, log in with your BT ID. Your email address typically serves as your BT ID. You might need to activate your BT ID if you're a new BT client. Look through your emails for a message requesting that you activate.

Next, type in your order reference number and zip code. When you place a new order, BT notifies you through email or letter, along with the order reference number. If your reference number is not recognised, it can take a moment for your order to register in BT's systems. If this happens, please try again later.

A BT order will proceed through three steps before it is completed. Logging into your account and selecting the order will allow you to see what stage (the status) it is at.

When you have the order on the screen, the status will be listed:

  • Security: BT's financial team is still evaluating your request. Contact the BT Customer Service team at 009 44 1793 596931 if your order isn't processed within 24 hours. Also, you can contact them through the BT website.
  • Processing: Your order will be ready for stock allocation once it has cleared security checks.
  • Dispatch: When an order is ready to be sent, it leaves the warehouse. Following the order's departure, BT will send you a dispatch email with tracking information.

Track BT orders for businesses

Follow these simple steps to use the BT business order tracker:

  • Go to the BT business order tracking page
  • Enter your order reference in the BT business order tracker
  • Click on track order.

Contact your account manager if you have inquiries about your BT Business order. Use the chat feature on the Track your order page to get in touch if you don't have one (during business hours).

Issues to track your BT order: what to do

Find below common BT order tracking issues and how to deal with them.

Finding your order number

You can find your order number on any emails or letters BT has sent you regarding your order. You'll find a mention of it near the top of these communications. It is a string of letters and digits used as an order or reference number.

Order number not recognised

It is essential to copy and paste your order number from your order confirmation email to ensure that the correct one gets input.

If your order number is incorrect, look at these sample reference numbers to see how they are constructed.

  • BTT12345, VOL012-12345678910 — The first three characters are letters rather than numbers in these two examples. Verify that you didn't accidentally type in numbers.
  • If your order reference is BOS000000012345678 or BOS12345678D0, BT only needs the BOS bit and the numbers. You can disregard any extra zeros or letters before or after the numbers. Just type BOS12345678 to proceed. When you enter it, make sure there are no spaces.

Order not found message.

You might receive an order not found message if:

  • The order reference you entered is invalid — Verify that you have typed the correct number before continuing.
  • Your order isn't yet ready for online tracking — Please try again a little later.

Still not working? Use the Chat feature on the Track Your Order page (during business hours) to reach BT.

Postal Code not recognised

Verify that the postcode you enter matches the one used for your billing, installation, or delivery address (where you ordered equipment to be delivered). Confirm that you entered it in the proper format, for example, EC1A 7AJ.

Check any emails BT has issued you regarding your order if you're unsure about the postcodes BT has listed.

You can input either your old postcode or your new postcode if you're ordering while moving into a new location. Please use the Chat section(during business hours) on the Track your order page to contact BT if it's still not working.

Wrong postcode used for an order

Did you accidentally enter the incorrect postcode when placing an order? Don't worry; BT can quickly resolve this. Contact BT through the chat section (during business hours) on the Track your order page.

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