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BT TV box: what models are available and set up

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Last update: October 3, 2023
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This article discusses the BT TV box: what the BT TV box is, available models, the TV box Pro, and the cost of a new BT TV box. It also answers many BT TV customers' questions about BT TV, including how to download apps on the BT TV box and more. Let's dive in.

What is the BT TV box for?

The BT TV box provides access to content that not even your preferred streaming services can offer, such as BT Sport, and the ability to record your favourite shows to watch whenever you want. It also features an electronic programme guide (EPG) called YouView that makes navigation simple (in 4K resolution with Dolby Atmos, no less).

With BT TV, you can watch free-to-air channels over your aerial, paid channels, and on-demand video over your broadband connection. For BT TV, there is a required line speed. BT will disclose the broadband speed to you during order placement. Which BT TV bundles you can get will be impacted by this.

BT TV box: available models

The table below shows the information on the different BT TV box models available, including features.

Models Features
BT TV box pro
  • Use wifi to connect wirelessly from your box to your BT Smart Hub.
  • Listen in Dolby Atmos.
  • Watch BT Sport Ultimate, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and more in 4K HDR.
  • Record up to four channels simultaneously for a total of 600 hours of TV on the 1TB hard disc.
  • Use the Bluetooth remote from any location in the room,
  • With universal search, you can Easily browse content from all apps and the TV guide in one spot.
  • Utilize any of BT's 15 TV guide to catch up on missed TV and to set recording times in advance.
  • Record, stop, and fast-forward two hours of live TV
  • Utilize the BT TV App to record remotely.
  • Watch Free-to-air channels, including HD
BT TV recordable box
  • You can pause, record, and fast-forward two hours of live TV.
  • Record up to 300 hours of TV on the 500GB hard drive.
  • Make remote recordings with the BT TV app.
  • Watch Free-to-air channels, including HD
  • Watch the HD, Extra, Kids, Sports, and Kids channels (subscription only).
  • Catch up TV with a seven-day scroll back.
  • Search for a show
  • Access to On-Demand players (BBC iPlayer, All 4, BT Player and more).
BT TV box This box does most of the other things a BT TV Recordable Box G4 can do, except it cannot record live TV.
  • You can pause and rewind live TV for SD programmes and 14 minutes for HD programmes,
  • Watch Free-to-air channels, including HD.
  • Watch the HD, Extra, Kids, Sports, and Kids channels (subscription only).
  • Access to On-Demand players (BBC iPlayer, All 4, BT Player and more).
  • Catch up TV with a seven-day scroll back,
  • Search for a show.

BT TV box Pro: the wireless box from BT

Thanks to the BT TV Box Pro's seamless, wireless connection to your broadband hub, you can quickly access all your favourite channels and apps. All of them, including NOW, Netflix, and BT Sport Connected by EE, are available at your fingertips.

Features of the BT TV box Pro

Below is a list of all the features of the BT premium TV box:

  • Access applications including Britbox, NOW, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and BBC iPlayer.
  • 32x32-tick-mark.png Watch the channels included in your subscription and more than 70 Free-to-Air channels.
  • 32x32-tick-mark.png Connect to your internet hub via wifi or the 1.5-meter ethernet cable BT includes with your box.
  • 32x32-tick-mark.png Record up to 600 hours of TV simultaneously across four channels.
  • 32x32-tick-mark.png BT's most powerful personal video recorder allows you to pause and rewind live events.
  • 32x32-tick-mark.png includes 4K HDR and Dolby Atmos for the future (perfect for BT Sport Ultimate).

BT TV Box price: how much do they cost?

BT TV subscribers do not have to pay an extra fee to get a TV box.

To subscribe to BT TV, you must first have BT broadband services before purchasing a TV package, and if you purchase both at once, you will receive exclusive discounts at a very low cost. You will be given an estimated completion date when you submit a purchase. Before that date, you will receive the most recent Hub, box, and accessories for free; delivery will only cost you £9.99.

If you need an extra TV box for another room in your house, you can get the BT TV box for an extra cost of £5 monthly.

Frequently asked questions about the BT TV box.

How can I get a new TV box from BT?

When you subscribe to a BT TV package, you get a new TV box from BT. If you damage your BT TV box, please contact BT customer service on 009 44 1793 596931.

How can I download apps on my BT TV box?

Follow these steps to download apps on the BT TV box.

  • Go to the Purchases or Rentals section within 'My TV' and tap on the title you
  • Tap the Download button below Watch Now to start the download
  • When your titles have finished downloading, you'll find them in the Downloads section.
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