BT TV errors: what do they mean and how to solve them

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Last update: October 20, 2023
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This article explores the different BT TV errors and error codesyou might encounter and how to try to solve them on your own or by contacting BT. After reading this article, we expect you will have all the necessary information, so you do not have to be stuck again.

BT TV Error Codes: what do they mean?

Here are some common BT TV Error codes and how to resolve them:


The TV and YouView box must both authenticate before an HD programme may be played. It's referred to as HDCP (High Definition Content Protection) (or HDCP). You might notice this error code on the screen if it is currently not possible to enable this. When trying to watch 4K/UHD video on a TV that doesn't support UHD, BT TV Box Pro users may encounter this error. You may still view the HD version if this is the case.


This error code appears if you recently adjusted channels or there are no tuned channels on your YouView box.

Follow these steps to re-tune channels on your YouView box:

  • Select Settings from the menu that appears when you press the YouView button on your remote.
  • Select TV Channels under the Signal & Connection section.
  • Select Channels to Re-tune


This error message is displayed if you have a TV box which doesn't have recording capabilities. You'll need a box with a built-in recorder if you want to record.


You'll get this error when too many TV boxes are connected to the BT account. You can only use one box at a time to receive full service (On Demand and Extra Channels).

If you have two TV boxes, you can order an Extra Box subscription, allowing both boxes to be connected. However, you can't have this if you have Sky Cinema or Sky Sports.

How to solve the most common BT TV errors

Depending on the Error code on your Screen, the BT help centre has various options to solve the problem. Before looking for your error code, you should ensure you have tried the TV help tool. The tool can get you up and running again.

Below is a list of some common BT TV Errors and how to resolve them:

The picture quality on premium channels is subpar or absent

You need a minimum download speed to watch one Extra TV channel with quality audio and video. Find minimum download speeds for different resolutions below.

  • SD channels require a minimum of 5Mbps.
  • 10Mbps for channels with high definition (HD)
  • 44 Mbps for channels in ultra-high definition (UHD)

Verify your connection's speed by conducting a speed test. If your speed isn't fast enough, kindly seek assistance increasing it. If you're watching in HD, you might also try switching to the SD version of the channel.

Login Invalid

If you're getting this error, you have a problem with your BT ID information. Try again after you have checked your BT ID information.

Please understand that access to your BT TV account will be denied for fifteen minutes if you input an incorrect password three times in that period. You might also try contacting the BT TV help desk to obtain new login information.

When the issue persists:

  • On the app - Close all open applications then uninstall and reinstall the BT TV application.
  • On the web player - Use a different browser or restart your computer to fix the web player. Clearing the cache in your browser can help if the issue persists. Your computer could work better after a restart.

Your BT TV screen turned pink

If your TV screen becomes pink while watching BT TV, you did not properly plug in your HDMI cable. Checking to make sure your HDMI cable is firmly inserted into both your TV and TV box can usually solve this issue. After you have connected your HDMI cable correctly, turn your TV off and on again.

Here are some hints and tips to assist you if you're still having issues.

  • Try switching the direction of the HDMI wire between your TV and TV box or using a different one.
  • Try connecting via a different HDMI port on your TV. If it works, the issue may be with the port on your TV. If it doesn't work, there may be a problem with your TV or BT TV box.

Factory reset not functioning

Try resetting your TV box using the menus if you can't factory reset it using the buttons.

Be warned that performing this reset on your box deletes all recordings and scheduled recordings.

Failing to update software

If your TV box's software update fails for whatever reason, try the following:

  • Give it another try.
  • Check that your box is linked to your Hub and that your broadband is operational before trying again if it still doesn't work.
  • If possible, use an Ethernet cable to connect your TV box to your Hub rather than mini connectors. This connection mode offers a more dependable connection.
  • Reset your BT TV box if the update fails to install: this will delete any scheduled recordings on your TV box, so be mindful of that.

Solve your BT TV errors: contact BT

You can contact BT on the BT website to solve your BT TV errors by following these simple steps:

  1. Visit the BT website
  2. Scroll down and select ‘contact us.’
  3. Select technical support
  4. Select TV
  5. Choose your preferred method to contact BT.

Alternatively, you can visit the ‘fixing BT errors’ page and type in the error code displayed on your screen to find out how to solve it.

Frequently asked questions about BT TV errors.

Can I resolve the Errors on my own, or do I need to contact the Help Centre?

While simpler matters and errors can be resolved independently, reach out to the BT TV Help centre for persistent errors.

How do I upgrade my BT TV Box?

To upgrade your box, call BT TV.

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