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Last update: May 29, 2023
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BT Ultra HD allows BT customers to watch 4K ultra HD TV. This article discusses watching BT channels in ultra HD: channels and packages where you can stream in 4k ultra HD, and how to watch these channels in 4k ultra HD. Please read on attentively.

Can I Watch BT in Ultra HD?

If you are wondering if you would be able to keep up with your favorite sport in Ultra HD on BT, the answer is yes. However, you have to meet the following criteria:

  • The event must be in HDR if it is broadcast.
  • You need an HDR-ready gadget, either an Android device or an iPhone (if you want to stream events with your phone).
  • You will require a TV screen that supports HDR (if you're going to watch the event on tv).

On the other hand, a Chromecast Ultra device is required to use the BT Sport App to view a 4K HDR stream on your TV. However, you can also choose to Airplay the event in HDR or 4K if you have a 4K Apple TV.

How to Watch BT in Ultra HD or 4K?

Use any of these methods to watch BT TV in 4K:

  1. Append an add-on to your TV package - the HD + 4K. You can order this add-on when you log into My BT.
  2. You can also get to it using your remote control by tapping the filters button and filtering 'Ultra HD and HD.'
  3. Another option would be to tap the Blue button and search for the channel you want to watch.

BT Ultra HD Youview box: TV with the Highest Quality

You receive a 500GB storage 4K recordable TV box with the BT Ultra HD Youview box, which BT solely offers. Consequently, you can record up to 300 hours of SD TV, 125 hours of HD TV, or thirty hours of UHD TV.

You may view images in breathtaking quality thanks to the BT Youview box's Ultra High Definition (UHD). Four times as much detail as High Definition (HD) is included, in addition to a richer, deeper color. Suppose you already own an HD Youview box and wonder what the differences are. In that case, the BT Ultra HD Youview offers the following:

  • A perfect fifty frames per second picture quality
  • A deeper and richer color with 10-bit detail

BT Ultra HD Channels: 4K content available

Depending on your flexible BT Ultra HD TV package and if you have an HD add-on, you may be able to see specific BT Ultra HD channels. By logging in to My BT, you can verify this. With an HD add-on, BT TV and NOW currently offer the following HD channels:

Channel Number Channel Name
355 Sky Showcase HD
356 Sky Witness HD
357 Sky Atlantic HD
358 Alibi HD
359 Gold HD
360 Comedy Central HD
361 Sky Max HD
362 Sky Comedy HD
363 Sky Sci-Fi HD
364 Sky Crime HD
365 Sky Arts HD
366 MTV HD
367 Sky Documentaries HD
368 Sky History HD
369 Sky Nature HD
381 AMC HD
385 Sky News HD
386 NBC News Now HD
430 BT Sport 1 HD
431 BT Sport 2 HD
432 BT Sport 3 HD
433 BT Sport Ultimate
434 BT Sport 4 HD
435 Eurosport 1 HD
436 Eurosport 2 HD
439 Sky Sports News HD
440 Sky Sports Main Event HD
441 Sky Sports Premier League HD
442 Sky Sports Football HD
443 Sky Sports Cricket HD
444 Sky Sports Golf HD
445 Sky Sports F1 HD
446 Sky Sports Action HD
447 Sky Sports Arena HD
448 Sky Sports Racing HD
449 Sky Sports Mix HD
458 BT Sport 5 HD
459 BT Sport 6 HD
460 BT Sport 7 HD
461 BT Sport 8 HD
462 BT Sport 9 HD
463 BT Sport 10 HD
465 BT Ultimate 4K HDR
473 Cartoon Network HD
474 Boomerang HD
475 Nickelodeon HD
476 Nick Jr. HD
494 BT Sport Box Office
495 BT Sport Box Office 2
496 Sky Sports Box Office HD
497 Sky Sports Box Office 2 HD
514 Sky Cinema Animation HD
515 Sky Cinema Premiere HD
517 Sky Cinema Select HD
518 Sky Cinema Hits HD
519 Sky Cinema Greats HD
520 Sky Cinema Family HD
521 Sky Cinema Action HD
522 Sky Cinema Comedy HD
523 Sky Cinema Thriller HD
524 Sky Cinema Drama HD
525 Sky Cinema Sci-Fi & Horror HD

Channel 433 carries the BT Sport Ultimate channel. You can also access it by selecting Ultra HD and HD from the filter menu on your remote control.

Alternatively, you can use the Blue button to find the channel. In the Ultra HD section of the BT Player, you may also find a variety of On Demand Ultra HD programs. Additionally, you can find them by searching for programs in the YouView menu. An Ultra HD icon is next to each title offered in the format.

BT TV in Ultra HD: Also, for BT Sport

You may watch BT TV in Ultra HD, including BT Sport. Nothing compares to the exhilaration of watching your favorite matches on BT sport in 4K super HD clarity. Want to know how? If you have a 4K TV, a 4K-ready box, and a 4K TV bundle, it's easy.

First and foremost, you'll need a 4K TV to display images with richer colors and a higher pixel density for clarity, crispness, and detail. A 4K-ready box that offers 300 hours of storage space is also required. However, after you have everything, you'll need an Internet connection with enough speed to see it all.

Packages That include BT TV in Ultra HD

You can access many premium channels and excellent on-demand content with the BT TV Total Entertainment or Max bundle in HD and SD. The VIP bundle offers access to BT Sport Ultimate, the 4K UHD channel, BT Sport Ultimate, and total HD channels from NOW to Sky Atlantic HD and Sky Sports HD.

Frequently asked questions

Is BT Sport Ultimate a substitute for BT Sport 4K UHD?

Yes. The BT Sport Ultimate app now offers HDR and 4K HDR viewing options in addition to 4K.

How many live events will be available in 4K for me to watch?

BT will air one live event on average throughout the season across all sporting activities.

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