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XLN router: set up and get the best from the Super Router

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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The XLN fibre router is XLN's latest router available to their fibre customers. This article will explain how to use this router, log into it, and set it up.

XLN router: the best experience with the Super Router

The "Super Router" comes for free when you subscribe to XLN's fibre broadband bundle. According to the provider, it is three times more powerful than its standard model. The wireless super router is described as "plug and play", which indicates that getting it up and running (and hence online) is simple.

The new router will be included as part of XLN's commercial broadband packages, with download rates of up to 38Mb as standard. The new device employs dual-band wireless technology, allowing employees to surf the web faster and more seamlessly than the previous router.

XLN stated: "The XLN Super Router has numerous advantages, not the least of which is its ability to deliver ultrafast fibre broadband at up to three times the speed of standard routers. Faster bandwidth means your company can operate more efficiently, which can only be positive."

Security is important for organisations, and as you'd expect, XLN's new router includes specific security measures, including a built-in firewall. "The fibre router also delivers more bandwidth for consumers, with gigabit networking capabilities on all ethernet ports allowing many users to connect and enjoy higher bandwidth", the supplier claims.

The Super Router is plug-and-play; therefore, you do not need an engineer to install it. As previously stated, it comes with all-new XLN fibre bundles. However, if you are a current subscriber, you can upgrade to it.

"The Super Router is the next step in broadband technology, and it's already helping small companies across the country get things done more effectively", XLN stated.

How to set up your XLN broadband router

Setting up the XLN broadband router is easy. Follow these simple steps to set up the XLN fibre router.

If your master socket has a single socket

  1. Use the included XLN microfilter. Plug the micro-filter into socket A, followed by the broadband cable and the DSL port on your router.
  2. If you received a two-part power supply, clip the pins together in relation to the power supply unit.
  3. Connect the power supply to the mains and the other end to the router's back, then push the power button and wait a few minutes for the router to power up and create a connection.
  4. If you need a wired connection to a PC or other device, attach the Ethernet cable to a spare port on the router's back panel.

If your master socket has two sockets

  1. Connect the broadband wire from your phone's top port to the DSL port on your router.
  2. Follow the second to the fourth step in the "if your master socket has a single socket" section.

Log in to your XLN router.

You will need the router IP, username ID, and router password to log into any model of XLN router. You can find all this information and more in your XLN router manuals, but if you've misplaced your handbook or don't have time to read it and need a quick fix, read on.

  1. Go to the router login IP. You can try one of these if you do not know the router login IP.
  1. If you've located the correct IP address, enter it into your browser to gain access to the admin panel. A screen will pop up requesting your login information—type in the information you have on your user manual. If you do not have your user manual, please try the following.
  • Check the back panel of your router for the default username and password. This method applies if you haven&'t changed your router login credentials before.
  • Reset the router. To reset, push and hold the reset button for 10 seconds with a paper clip or anything similar. You can find the reset button on the router's rear. You must then wait 5-10 minutes for your router to restart.

Frequently asked questions about the XLN router.

Can I use my router on XLN?

No, you cannot.

Can I upgrade my router on XLN?

Yes, you can order an upgrade. Reach out to XLN customer care.

Is the XLN router free of charge?

Yes, it comes with the fibre broadband package at no extra cost.

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