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Moving home with Hyperoptic: how to ask for a home move and different scenarios

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Hyperoptic moving home is one of the most frequent questions users ask. When you're moving house, you might need to change some aspects of your life, and, of course, broadband is an essential service to have; this article will discuss how to move home with hyperoptic, how to check availability, what to do if you already have Hyperoptic in your new home as well as how to cancel the service if you wish to.

How to move home with Hyperoptic

It would be best if you considered bringing broadband while moving into a new home. Given the extensive list of things you'll need to pack, you might not instantly consider moving it. But before moving, you must consider your broadband requirements.

It's crucial to ensure you have the appropriate broadband for your new address because not all areas have access to all internet providers, and those that do can have varying speeds.

If you decide to switch, websites like Uswitch can help guide your selection of the best broadband provider. It displays the service providers' best signals and speeds at your new address and their costs.

Moving home to an address with Hyperoptic sockets

Suppose you have a compatible router and have recently moved into a home that already has a Hyperoptic socket installed. In that case, you can activate your service by going to the Hyperoptic website and providing your postcode. After selecting your residence, you can select the best package and speed.

To ensure that the service is activated as quickly as possible, please check the I have a Hyperhub router box when submitting your order. It can typically be operational on the same day.

Please avoid choosing I have a Hyperhub router when completing your order if you recently moved into a house with an existing Hyperoptic socket but no router. You'll have one as soon as we can.

Moving home to an address where Hyperoptic is available

Suppose you move to a new home where Hyperoptic service is available. In that case, you do not need to register interest for installation. All you have to do is request that your package be sent to your new home address.

Moving out with Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic moving home service is cost-free and quick if you move within the same building. Service at your new location can be started immediately or after the equipment has been installed, depending on whether an installation appointment is required.

Suppose Hyperoptic services are still offered in the new facility where you are moving in. In that case, it can continue to serve you. When the services are provided to you at your new residence, it is often treated as a brand-new client.

You may also choose to register your interest via the website if Hyperoptic does not presently offer services to your new address. The services may install in a building more quickly if there is a higher demand for Hyperoptic service. You will also get regular updates on the installation progress.

Frequently asked questions about home moves with Hyperoptic.

  • How can I cancel my services?

The terms of service state that Hyperoptic services need 30 days' notice for all cancellations, including our monthly rolling packages.

  • How long does it take to activate Hyperoptic?

Once your installation is finished, you can immediately begin using your Hyperoptic service.

  • Can my Hyperoptic move to a new address?

Moving Hyperoptic to a different location is possible, but you must first confirm that the services are offered at your new location.

  • Why should I cancel Hyperoptic services when moving?

You can cancel the services if it is unavailable at your new address.

What happens if I move home and Hyperoptic is not available?

Suppose you move into a new home and cannot get Hyperoptic services. In that case, you can decide to cancel your contract by getting in touch with our Customer Service team at support@hyperoptic.com or by calling 0333 332 1111.

You can also indicate interest in the services at your new home by registering on the website. Be aware that the more interest shown, and the quicker users can install the services in their homes.

Can I cancel my Hyperoptic broadband if I am moving house?

You can, indeed. The normal cancellation conditions of either 30 days' notice (after your minimum period) or payment of the service termination fee (calculated based on the number of the month(s) of service remaining for your minimum period of services) will apply if we are unable to supply services to your new premises.

The service termination cost determines how long your minimum period has left. You can find out the cancellation cost and other terms of your agreement by contacting customer service at support@hyperoptic.com or by calling 0333 332 1111.

Additionally, you might want to express interest in the services offered at your new address. You will also get regular updates on the development as it happens. The more demand we have for the service in a building, the quicker it can be deployed there. You can express interest in your new address.

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