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Hyperoptic speed test: how to check your broadband's speed

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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In the Hyperoptic speed test, users will know how to check their broadband speed and interpret the results. In this write-up, we will also talk about broadband speeds available on Hyperoptic with average upload and speed upload.

How to do a speed test on Hyperoptic

Instructions before hyperoptic speed check

Please be aware that the amount of free memory on your computer and specific antivirus and firewall programs may affect the speeds you experience.

Please turn off all your device's LAN and wifi connections before starting, leaving only the one you'll be using for the speed test. The preferred device is a PC (laptop). However, if one is not accessible, a mobile or tablet will work just fine.

Please quit all other programs (email etc.); restart the computer; restart your Hyperhub router after turning it off.

You should keep an eye on your CPU, RAM, and HDD utilization while running the speed test because high usage may mean your device cannot handle the highest speeds possible.

Hyperoptic speed test of a wired connection (LAN cable)

Use a LAN cable to connect the PC Ethernet port to the Hyperoptic router's LAN port.

Do not open any other applications on your PC while the speed test runs. Open an internet browser on your computer (we recommend Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera).

Hyperoptic speed test of a wifi connection

Locate and join your Hyperoptic wireless network (we recommend the 5GHz frequency).

For the optimum signal strength, please keep your device close to your Hyperhub router during the speed test (a maximum 2-meter distance).

Do not open any other programs on your PC while running the speed test. Instead, launch an internet browser (e.g., Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera).

Note: When the internet browser is open, enter the following in the address bar:

In http://speedtest.hyperoptic.com will launch the speed test page. Execute the speed test, then note the results.

The average (median) upload and download speeds advertised for each of our packages are based on what at least 50% of our network customers nationwide use this plan during peak hours (between 8 pm and 10 pm), using a wired connection, can expect to achieve.

The typical (median) speeds during rush hour may differ in your area. Please be aware that your proximity to the router or wireless access point, usage, and equipment will affect the speed you receive.

Interpret the results of your Hyperoptic internet speed test

The phrases Hyperoptic Download Speed, Hyperoptic Upload Speed, and Ping are probably familiar to you if you've used any of the free speed test tools available (by Lifewire's updated list of the best free internet speed test websites):

Below are the three main criteria used to interpret hyperoptic speed tests.

Download: Hyperoptic download speed at which data is retrieved, expressed in megabits per second (Mbps).

Data transmission speed expressed in megabits per second or upload (Mbps).

Ping: Also known as latency, ping refers to the amount of time, measured in milliseconds (ms), between sending a request and receiving a response.

Since most of our online activities require us to draw data from the internet, your download speed is excellent and typically the fastest. Hyperoptic Upload speeds are crucial for transmitting files to websites, online services, and interactive video chats. Your ability to play online games and the quality of your voice and video calls depend on your ping speed.

Internet speeds available on Hyperoptic

Hyperoptic broadband is full fiber, extremely fast, and dependable. Gold standard customer service provides a relationship of the highest caliber. This is why Hyperoptic internet speed has over 13,500 5-star reviews and is rated Excellent on Trustpilot.

Additionally, Hyperopticoffers incomparable value because it doesn't change its prices mid-contract and will match any lower price for the same package the client finds anywhere.

Hyperoptic provides hassle-free streaming for the whole family with various bundles delivering average speeds of up to 900Mbps.

Hyperoptic internet speed is designed for value and flexibility. It also allows signing up for 24 months, a year, or monthly rolls. Throughout that time, customer pricing will stay the same.

Below is the Hyperoptic package

Package 1GB

standard download speed 900Mbps

standard upload rate 900Mbps

Minimum time commitment 24 months

During the contract, a monthly price £25

After contract, monthly price £60

Setup charge No changes

During the commitment period, a fixed price

Price-matching promise Yes

Average Hyperoptic download speeds

We advise you to wire up for the best speeds.

You may expect average wired connection speeds of 500 Mbps.

Wireless speeds can be challenging to guarantee because they depend on various variables, some of which are beyond one's control.

You can anticipate typical hyperoptic download and upload speeds: when connecting to your broadband wirelessly.

30Mb-80Mb on a router with a single band

On the primary ZTE Hyperhub router, it offers 200-400 Mbps; on the ultra-premium Nokia Hyperhub router, it offers 200-600 Mbps.

If you're connecting via wire, expect average hyperoptic upload and download speeds of 528Mbps and 522Mbps, respectively.

Average upload speeds on Hyperoptic

Expect 500 Mbps on average for wired connections.

Since wireless speeds depend on several factors, some of which are beyond one's control, it can be difficult to guarantee them.

When connecting to your hyperoptic broadband wirelessly, you can anticipate average hyperoptic download and upload rates.

30 Mbps to 80 Mbps via a single band of a router

It provides 200-400 Mbps on the entry-level ZTE Hyperhub router and 200-600 Mbps on the ultra-premium Nokia Hyperhub router.

If you're connecting with a wire, you may anticipate typical hyperoptic upload and download speeds of 528Mbps and 522Mbps, respectively.

Is there a speed guarantee on Hyperoptic?

New Hyperoptic customers who ordered our residential or business broadband service on are subject to this Minimum Download hyperoptic Speed Guarantee.

Hyperoptic gives its new customers Contract Summary and Contract Information documents when they first order its service (your Order). These documents outline the minimum download speed for the broadband service the client would receive from Hyperoptic and other speed statistics. That Minimum Download Speed is the foundation of this Guarantee.

As long as your Hyperhub router (or Hyperoptic WAP) is powered on and operational after activating your Hyperoptic broadband service, you should experience at least the Minimum Download Speed of hyperoptic guaranteed speed for the package you have selected.

2.2 You should examine your device's speed when connected to the Hyperhub router (or Hyperoptic WAP) through an ethernet cable as a starting point if you believe your Service Speed is typically lower than the Minimum Download Speed.

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