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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Hyperoptic offers are on the latest internet connections, so if you live in the UK and want the best new broadband plan, you can use these offers. This article will discuss some of the offers by Hyperoptic, promo, discounts, and how you can benefit from them.

Best offers on Hyperoptic

With download and upload rates up to 1Gbps, hyperoptic broadband provides some of the fastest services in the UK (1000Mbps). Although this is extremely fast, Gigabit's internet has advanced much since Hyperoptic's initial market entry. 47% of UK homes now have access to gigabit connections, a significant improvement from just three or four years ago. Hyperoptic is primarily accessible in big cities and towns, like many other suppliers of Gigabit connections.

In 2011, Hyperoptic established its first-gigabit service in Wandsworth, London, and since then, the provider has expanded to most major cities in the UK.

What does Hyperoptice offer?

Hyperoptic offer isn't particularly unique outside its Fibre To The Property offering, albeit you won't find any that include mobile SIMs or pay-TV subscriptions. Hyperoptic, however, has some great offers when it comes to pricing. The price of 1Gbps broadband from Hyperoptic is now £30 per month for 24 months, which is significantly less expensive than that of its competitors (the price increases to £60 per month after 24 months, but the competition also provides this). In addition, Hyperoptic won't increase the cost of your bundle while you are still under contract.

  • Superfast internet: Hyperopti's &'amp;quot;s lower services meet the definition of superfast because they are quicker than 30 Mbps but less quickly than 300 Mbps. These packages have speeds of 50 Mbps and 150 Mbps.
  • Gigabit (ultrafast) broadband: Broadband with a gigabit (ultrafast) speed is considered to be over 300Mbps fast. Although hyperoptic broadband boasts rates of 1Gbps (1,000Mbps), the actual average speed is closer to 900Mbps, which is still absurdly fast.
  • Home phone: You can select to include a landline in your package, but you can also forego it and pay a lesser monthly fee.

The tables below show information about the best Hyperoptic offers available:

24 months:

Package Duration Activation Fee Monthly Payment
50MB 24 months £29 £20
150MB 24 months £29 £25
500MB 24 months £0 £25
1GB 24 months £0 £25

12 months

Package Duration Activation Fee Monthly Payment
50MB 12 months £29 £22
150MB 12 months £29 £39
500MB 12 months £0 £35
1GB 12 months £0 £40

Monthly Rolling

Package Duration Activation Fee Monthly Payment
50MB 30 Days £29 £26
150MB 30 Days £29 £33
500MB 30 Days £29 £42
1GB 30 Days £29 £52

Offers and discounts for students on Hyperoptic

Numerous exclusive discounts are advantageous to students. You can save up to 20% off the regular monthly cost when you take advantage of the student broadband rates. It's quite simple to apply for the Hyperoptic student discount. Simply confirm that you are currently enrolled in school by entering your student email address during the ordering process. Your account will be promptly charged with the student discount.

The table below shows information about Hyperoptic student discount offers available:

Package Duration Activation Fee Monthly Payment
50MB 30 Days £0 £23
150MB 30 Days £0 £26
500MB 30 Days £0 £39
1GB 30 Days £0 £45

Additionally, there are websites designed to make finding a valid Hyperoptic discount code for students easier.

Up to nine months for free with this Hyperoptic offer

Households with slow broadband facing a significant price increase are receiving a lifeline from Hyperoptic. With Hyperoptic's Switch Now, customers may terminate their current contracts and save more than £160 by receiving free broadband for up to nine months. With a price increase approaching in 2023, Hyperoptic discount has launched its Switch Now service to assist the 19 million families entangled in contracts that frequently provide them with slow and subpar internet.

According to research from Hyperoptic, more than a third of those who aren't inclined to transfer are discouraged from doing so by the cost of terminating their present contract. And 25% worry that they will lose broadband during the switchover.

By providing households locked into contracts with free bandwidth for up to nine months, Hyperoptic will address these issues. Additionally, it will function simultaneously as the householder's present provider, ensuring no service interruptions throughout the switchover. Also, by paying an early contract exit charge to their existing provider rather than sticking with their contract and receiving free broadband from Hyperoptic at the same time, switchers can save money.

Avoid activation fees with this Hyperoptic discount.

There are Hyperoptic offers available that do not require activation fees. These include; Hyperoptic Student discounts and some deals on the 12 and 24 months packages.

Are there promo codes on Hyperoptic?

Yes! For new clients, Hyperoptic does provide vouchers. There are several discount codes available right now for brand-new Hyperoptic clients. Any 24-Month Fibre Broadband Package for £25/Month or Less is the most used Hyperoptic discount code.

There are other promo codes available for registered users online.

Frequently asked questions about Hyperoptic's offers.

  • Can I get Hyperoptice broadband discounts offers in my area?

Although the service extends its reach, hyperoptic broadband is only now accessible in a few locations. To find out which Hyperoptic broadband offers in your neighbourhood, use the Hyperoptic postcode checker.

  • Does Hyperoptic offer broadband only?

Indeed, it does. You have two options when signing up for a Hyperoptic deal: you can choose a broadband-only contract without a phone line, or you can also include home phone service.

  • What speed does Hyperoptic offer?

You can get; Fast, with an average speed 50Mbps; Superfast, with an average speed 150Mbps; Ultrafast, with an average speed 500Mbps; and Hyperfast, with average speed 900Mbps.

  • Where can I find up-to-date Hyperoptic discount codes?

You can follow Hyperoptic on social media to get live discount codes in real-time or check shops and websites that sell discount offers.

How can I redeem a Hyperoptic promo code?

It's really simple to save money on your purchase by using one of the numerous Hyperoptic promo codes. Just take the following actions:

  • Make sure to copy the voucher you chose by clicking on it.
  • Go to the Hyperoptic website now that a new tab has been opened.
  • Select the broadband plan that best fits your needs and budget.
  • To complete your request, enter your postcode and adhere to the remaining instructions.
  • You'll get the best services in town once it completes with the savings applied.

Prepare to take advantage of the greatest connections and fast speeds!

Can I enjoy discounts on Hyperoptic if I am already a customer?

Existing customer discounts are a great gesture by retailers to show appreciation for loyal patrons. In addition to offering a variety of promos to clients, Hyperoptic is kind to its loyal patrons. Customers that make a lot of purchases are given a 10% discount. Hyperoptic discounts for current customers.

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