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Is Hyperoptic down? Check if there is an outage and how to report it.

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Last update: September 28, 2023
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Is Hyperoptic down? Is there an outage for Hyperoptic customers, or is it just you?The article provides tips on checking if there is an outage on their Hyperoptic internet service, how and when to report it to the company to get a solution and what to do if there is no outage, but they are still having problems with the connection.

Is Hyperoptic down? How to check your service status

It is not uncommon for Hyperoptic customers to periodically experience hyperoptic broadband outages. However, there could be several reasons. Another possibility is that the problems are with your phone, account, or something else that temporarily interferes with Hyperoptic Broadband.

Engineers are attempting to restore the network as soon as possible for Hyperoptic customers in places around the UK who have been unable to use it for some time. London, Manchester, Hackney, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Stoke-on-Trent, Bermondsey, Dagenham, City of Westminster, Berinsfield, Streatham, Slough, Kettering, Wandsworth, and Sheffield were the most recent locations to report hyperoptic internet outages and problems.

How to check:

Using the hyperoptic broadband status monitor, which will display as green, orange, or red in My Account, you can verify the status of your connection. Hover over the service status button in the top right corner to see an explanation of your service status.

If the router light is blinking, the service is starting up, or data is being transferred (i.e. your broadband service is currently being used).

The active service is not used if the green or orange light is solid.

A red light or light usually indicates that a certain service is not operational (as does the light itself being off). However, suppose your router is a Tilgin HG2381. In that case, a red power light is establishing a connection and a red power light that is slowly flashing means that the connection to our servers has failed.

How to report an outage if Hyperoptic is down

Contact the customer service department of Hyperoptic if you are experiencing a hyperoptic internet outage. They'll check into it and either assist you in troubleshooting it or work into finding a solution.

What to do if you have issues with your Hyperoptic broadband

First, ensure you are testing your speeds properly and keep in mind that wireless connections frequently result in reduced actual speeds.

Many performance issues impacting fibre-and-copper connections won't apply if you have a fibre connection. There are a few actions you can take if speed problems arise:

1. Restart your Mac or PC

2. Instead of connecting wirelessly, use an Ethernet cable to connect to your Hyperdub.

3. Using a wireless connection, try moving your computer or device to a new location.

4. If feasible, try the connection on a separate computer to ensure your machine does not cause connection speed issues.

The typical (average) upload and download speeds indicated for each of our packages are based on what is feasible for at least 50% of the network users nationwide utilizing this plan during peak hours (between 8 pm and 10 pm) while using a wired connection. There may be differences in your area's typical (median) speeds during peak hours. Note that your proximity to the router or wireless access point, usage, and equipment will affect the speed you receive.

If a problem persists, please call 0333 332 1111 or send an email to support@hyperoptic.com to speak with a member of the customer service team. They're accessible all the time.

Frequently asked questions about outages on Hyperoptic.

  • Why is the Hyperoptic internet down?

There might be a straightforward fix if your wifi has stopped functioning. 1) Verify that the WLAN and 2.4GHz/5GHz lights are on in your Hyperhub router. 2) Try pressing the WLAN/wifi button if they aren't. Your wifi should reconnect as a result.

  • What factors can affect my speed?

Distance from the router (and any walls or doors in between) and interference from other nearby devices can all affect the strength of wireless signals.

How long will Hyperoptic be down?

Whenever there is a hyperoptic service outage, it is impossible to say how long the Hyperoptic broadband will be down. But it is essential to note that the engineers are working towards fixing the problem.

Will I get a notification when my Hyperoptic service status changes?

You will be able to receive notifications here as well in the odd event that your connection is interrupted or if there are any upcoming scheduled maintenance tasks.

If you fully lose service, kindly notify Hyperoptic as soon as possible. You will receive an £8.06 bill credit for each additional day you go without service for unannounced outages if they cannot get you back online within two working days of the reported outage.

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