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Mogo eSIM: rates, offers and reviews | April 2024

Mogo eSIM: rates, offers and reviews | April 2024

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Last update: April 1, 2024
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Mogo eSIM offers

Mogo eSIM is a company that offers internet without the high costs of roaming, for an affordable price you can enjoy internet while traveling, without worrying about the high costs at the end of the month in the tariff.

The company offers are usually associated with specific times such as sales or Black Friday, you can take advantage of these dates to enjoy a cheaper price. Keep in mind that even if you don't take benefit of these offers, the cost of eSIMs is much lower than the roaming costs, and you can save up to 70% of the final price.

One of the avaiable offers all year round from Mogo eSIM is that they give money back when you share the app with people you know. Simply create an account and use a personal code when making a purchase. Once the process is complete you can both redeem the reward through the Mogo app.

Mogo eSIM Feedback

Mogo eSIM rating by roams:

7.5 Average score
8 Coverage
7 Attention to the client
7 Quality of services
8 Variety of rates

Mogo eSIM offers internet in more than 200 countries. And thanks to the eSIM you can enjoy instant mobile connectivity with no hidden costs and great coverage in Europe, North America, Oceania and Asia.

Signing up for Mogo eSIM allows you to have Internet whenever you need it and in a much safer way than using public wifi. These cards are perfect for:

  • Travelers: Forget about high roaming charges and enjoy internet while you travel.
  • Business Professionals: immediate connection on landing.
  • International Students: no matter where you are, enjoy an internet connection.
  • Local Residents: whether you live there or you are going to spend a longer stay you can enjoy these rates.

As you can see, this company adapts to needs and types of trips, so do not hesitate to check their rates and choose the one that best suits the requirements you are looking for. In addition, the company not only offers eSIM, but also adapts to all uses by offering portable wifi so you can connect several devices simultaneously.

Discover all your needs if you are a digital nomad

Mogo has a wide variety of destinations and, within them, you can choose from several data plans so that you can tailor your tariff to best suit your needs. Mogo eSIM reviews are generally good.

The purchase and installation of the eSIM is very simple, and in just a few steps you can enjoy the internet. Mogo eSIM also has a loyalty programme with which you can generate credit to redeem for benefits.

Mogo eSIM deals

Mogo eSIM tariffs are available for several locations, and within each destination you can find several plans. You should know that most of the rates do not include a local number, so to be able to call you have to use an application that allows you to make calls using data, for example WhatsApp.

Mogo eSIM tariffs are divided into different plans, making it easy to decide which deals you need:

  1. Regional plans: if you need a plan that includes several destinations in one, Mogo eSIM offers:
    • Asia-Pacific: 17 Countries
    • Europe39: 39 Countries
    • Europe29: 29 Countries
    • USA/Canada: 6 Countries
  2. Local plans: you can also find plans for specific locations, some of which include:
    • Europe: France, Greece, Germany, Italy, Switzerland...
    • North America: Canada or USA
    • Asia: Cambodia, Japan, Indonesia, Korea among others.
    • Oceania: Australia or Palau.

As you can see, there are a variety of rates and plans for you to choose from. To give you an idea of the prices Mogo eSIM has, here are some of the most commonly used plans:

Mogo eSIM deals
Coverage Avaiable Data Cost
Mogo eSIM Asia Pacific 15 days 5GB £17
Mogo eSIM USA/Canada 30 days 3GB £17
Mogo eSIM Australia 10 days 3GB £8
Mogo eSIM Indonesia 30 days 5GB £17

You can also find more destinations and different data plans on their website. One of the things you should bear in mind before signing up for an eSIM is that not all mobile phones are compatible with eSIMs, so before you buy this card we recommend that you check this out.

What is an eSIM card?

Mogo eSIM Customer Support

If you need to contact Mogo eSIM to resolve any questions or problems that may arise, there are several ways to do so. Here is how to get in touch with them:

  • By chat: on the website you can see a blue symbol, if you click on it, a chat opens to contact Mogo eSIM instantly.
  • Through email: just write an email to and wait for them to reply.
  • On the website: you can find a contact form if you click on "Contact" at the top of the website and fill in the requested data.

Another way of contacting Mogo eSIM is through social media, via Facebook or Twitter you can get in touch with Mogo eSIM. In addition, in the FAQ, at the top of the website, you can find questions and doubts that arise frequently. If your question is among them you can find the solution you are looking for quickly.

What is Mogo eSIM?

Mogo eSIM is a company that offers internet connection without the high costs of roaming, that is to say, it allows you to have internet when you go abroad without worrying about the extra costs that may be added to your bill at the end of the month.

You can enjoy data in more than 200 countries instantly thanks to its eSIM. This card can be installed at the time of purchase so you won't be without internet at any time.

At Roams we recommend that you purchase the eSIM card, whenever possible, to avoid shipping costs and waiting times. Thanks to the eSIM you can use the internet instantly for carefree enjoyment. You will also help the environment by avoiding shipping and plastic.

Mogo eSIM app

Mogo eSIM has a free app that all customers can download. This way you can manage, control and take full advantage of the eSIM wherever you are. Just download the app, create an account and share the code with your friends, so you can enjoy benefits and rewards every time you buy a Mogo eSIM data plan.

Check your plans, renew them or purchase a new one in a simple and easy way thanks to the Mogo eSIM application. To make the process easier, here are the download links. You have no more excuses.

Download the Mogo eSIM app for free
Disponible en Google PlayConsíguelo en el App Store

Installing the application and data plan is much easier than it may seem, just follow these steps:

  1. Download the application Download the android or apple application, depending on the phone you use.
  2. Select the tariff Choose the destination and data plan that best suits your needs.
  3. Install the eSIM Follow the steps on the screen to install the data plan.
  4. Turn on data roaming To make the eSIM work, activate roaming in your mobile phone settings and enjoy your trip.

Additional Mogo eSIM services

Mogo eSIM offers different products to suit all needs. So if the device you are using is not compatible with eSIM technology you can use a portable wifi or a reusable SIM card.

This company was created with the aim of eliminating high roaming charges when traveling abroad and offers different ways to stay connected so you don't miss out on anything. It therefore offers several types of plans, in different locations to suit all devices.

The Mogo eSIM portable wifi is available with 4G speed. This device is powered by a portable router and a SIM card, the full pack with the company costs £132.

Another product you can purchase from the company is a tracking device that can be used in 31 countries. All you have to do is install an app on your mobile phone to be able to track objects and people safely. In addition, it has a safety button that can be pressed three times to issue a rescue alert.

Mogo eSIM Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods does Mogo eSIM support?

Mogo eSIM offers several payment methods which may vary depending on where you make your purchase. In general you can find: Visa, MasterCard or Pay-Pal.

Can a Mogo eSIM be cancelled?

No, once the purchase has been completed, it cannot be cancelled. We recommend that you check all details, destinations and plans before finishing the purchase process to avoid surprises.

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