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Three add-ons: extra data and calls for Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly customers

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Three Add-ons allow customers to add extra data, minutes or other services and products to their existing contract. This article talks about the different add-on options available on Three; for pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly customers, how they work, and their prices, among others.

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Three add-ons for PAYG and Pay Monthly customers

If you're on a limited budget or don't use your phone frequently, Pay as You Go SIM cards (PAYG) are an excellent option. They work great if you have an older phone that you previously paid for or if you bought your new phone.

However, if you're with Three and your current PAYG plan isn't entirely cutting it, you can access a ton of add-ons that will make your PAYG plan much more helpful, especially if you're consuming more data than you initially thought you needed.

What is the difference between Top-ups and Add-ons?

Some users confuse Top-ups and Add-ons while using the Three mobile network. While the two services may seem similar, they are, in fact, different.


Top up to get additional credit when it gets low. You receive Three mobile data standard rates when you top up, and your credit is valid until used.


You don't have to top up first; you may purchase an Add-on anytime. You can turn credit that you've already topped up into an Add-on. Add-ons continue for 30 or 90 days and provide greater value than the basic rates.

Three data add-ons

Three Data add-ons allow users to get more data allowance without needing to extend their plan length. If you exhaust your data allowance before the end of the month, add-ons allow you to get a boost.

The tables below show information about Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go data add-ons:

Three data add-ons:

Add-on Option Duration Price
Unlimited data boost One day £5
Unlimited data boost One month £15
1GB data boost Onemonth £5
3GB data boost Onemonth £7
6GB data boost One month £8
Short-term boost unlimited data Expires when your plans renew. £20

Three Pay As You Go add-ons:

Add-on Option Duration Price
Unlimited data boost Oneday £5
Unlimited data boost 14 days £20
3GB data boost Onemonth £5
6GB data boost Onemonth £8
10GB data boost One month £12

International add-ons on Three

With three international data roaming add-on, users can roam in more than 70 locations for no additional charge, up to 12GB. An add-on won't increase the 12GB roaming limit for Three, but if you don't currently have this much data, it can help you get it.

The table below shows the information on three roaming add-ons:

Add-on Option Duration Price
Call abroad 100 Onemonth £5
Call abroad unlimited Onemonth £20

How to cancel your Three add-ons?

Cancelling Three add-ons is quite easy. Users can cancel Three add-ons by logging into their My Three accounts with their login IDs or using the My Three app.

What is a Three add-on?

You can add "extras" to your Three PAYG account, such as additional data, minutes, or services like roaming. Depending on what you want, add-ons come in different pricing ranges. However, as shown in the table above, they are all generally affordable.

How to buy add-ons on Three

You must have adequate credit if you use Pay As You Go to purchase Three Add-ons. The cost of your Add-on will be deducted from your monthly payment if you want to pay monthly.

Customers who pay monthly can buy several add-ons, but each can only be used once each payment cycle. You won't be allowed to purchase the same data Add-on during the same billing cycle, for instance, if you purchase it during one billing cycle. However, each billing cycle allows you to purchase a variety of Three data Add-ons.

Three add-ons can be purchased through My Three or the Three app. Zero data? No issue. Even if you've run out, the Three app still functions.

Frequently asked questions about Three's add-ons.

How long does the add-on last?

Add-ons usually last for one day, 14 days, and one month.

Can I buy Add-ons more than once?

Yes, you can buy Three Add-ons as often as you need them.

How do I check available Add-ons?

You can check available add-ons through the My Three app or by logging in on My Three.

Are there roaming add-ons on Three

You should check out our Data Roaming Add-On before you depart if you plan to use the Internet when roaming while travelling.

You can still use the Internet on your phone even if you don't have a roaming allowance or an Add On, but there will be a fee. Bill Pay or Business clients are the only ones who can purchase Three data roaming add-ons.

How long do Three add-ons last?

The duration will vary depending on the Three add-ons you select and the plan you are on.

Except for our Short-Term Boost and One-Day Boost, all Three Pay Monthly Add-ons renew automatically unless discontinued.

Three Pay As You Go Add-ons normally last 30 days from customers' purchase date.

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