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Three parental controls and filters: how to turn them on and off

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Three Parental Controls is a service which allows you to prevent your children from viewing unsuitable content on their mobile phones and give you the ability to monitor your child's web browsing and use of text and instant messaging services. This article will help you learn how to activate or deactivate the parental controls on Three and give you insight into what they do.

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Turn off or remove parental controls on Three.

Three Parental Control is simple enough. Remember that the instructions may alter slightly depending on your running software.

Parental Control On Android

Open the Google Play Store app and select "Hamburger" to begin (the three horizontal lines in the top left of your screen). From there, select "Settings" by scrolling down. Continue to scroll down until you get to "Parental Controls". You will be asked to establish a PIN and then enter it again when you open this section to ensure that only you can impose restrictions.

After completing that, you can select a few categories and begin deciding the limitations you wish to enable. Most apps and games will display a number corresponding to the ages for which the material is rated suitable. Feel free to fiddle with these options before clicking "Save".

Parental Control On iPhone

If you have an iPhone, adding limits is simple (even on the iPhone 8). Go to your Settings app, scroll to "General", then "Restrictions", and finally click "Apply". There is a choice here named "Enable Restrictions". When you click this, a request to establish a Restrictions passcode will appear, ensuring that only you can control these settings.

You may then begin removing certain apps and services from the list. Tap them on or off to turn them on or off in green terms. You can find a section titled "Allowed Content" by scrolling down. You can be more particular by doing this. You can restrict if something is labelled as explicit in music, podcasts, or news.

The same holds for various reading and browsing media, including apps, books, and websites. If you're working with young kids, this is a wonderful alternative because it will allow you to set some control over what they view online without entirely banning apps or websites.

How to set up parental controls on Three?

The internet contains certain content that is inappropriate for kids. Talking to children about the internet and explaining some of the risks and what to do if they come across sites disturbing or worrying them is one of the greatest safeguards methods. You can learn a lot about how your kids desire to use the internet by spending time with them while they browse, and you can also teach them safety precautions while they do so.

Three Parental Control on Game Apps

The games you view on the Play Games app, including games you have purchased or received recommendations for, are unaffected by parental controls. The Play Store app will be opened if you attempt to install a game through the Play Games app. However, access may be restricted by your parental controls.

Tip: Even if an app or game is beyond the rating you selected, you or your child will still be able to see it if you downloaded it before you installed parental restrictions. You can disable these apps on your child's Android devices if Family Link is used to supervising their account.

Three Parental Control on Movies

Using parental controls on an Android device, you can limit the maximum rating you want to allow for movie rentals, purchases, or viewing.

When you search or access the content directly through a link, you can still be able to see movies that are not covered by our filter.

Even if you have already rented or bought the movies, you will not find them in the Play Store or Play Movies app if parental restrictions restrict their availability.

To watch these films once more, disable parental controls.

Three Parental Control on TV

Using Three parental controls, which let you select the highest rating you want to allow for purchase or viewing, you can impose restrictions on TV shows on an Android device.

However, if you search for them or go to their pages directly using a direct link, you could still be able to access TV episodes that are not subject to our filter.

Even if you have already paid for them, TV series that are banned by parental restrictions will not appear in the Play Store app or the Play Movies & TV app.

You can disable parental controls to watch these programs once more.

What are Three's parental control filters?

Three uses a content filter to block access to websites judged undesirable, unsuitable, or unlawful to ensure that young people can safely use internet services.

  • Three offers content filtering by limiting access to online content that might not be appropriate for younger viewers. For consumers who use prepay, these criteria are automatically applied.
  • Customers can opt out of filtering by presenting valid identification as proof of age to Customer Care when they contact them, such as a passport from any country, passport card, full or provisional driving license from any country, European Identity Card, or student ID card. Customers can also verify their age in person at Three stores.
  • Because bill pay customers must be 18 or older, this filter is not automatically applied to their accounts. However, customers who use bill payment can choose to use this service by getting in touch with Customer Care.

How does Three Parental Control work?

Using Three Parental Control is pretty straightforward. It helps parents check what their children are watching and the content they consume on the internet. Parents can manually turn Parental Control on and off on both Android and iPhone or install the parental control devices on their children's devices.

Frequently asked questions about Three's parental controls.

What does turning on Parental Control mean for the user?

The user will not be able to access adult contents that are restricted.

Does Three have Parental Control?

Yes, all new internet gadgets come with an internet content filter.

How effective are Three parental control tools?

Parental controls and privacy settings are helpful tools to lessen the dangers your kids may encounter, but they are not always successful.

Are there parental controls on Three's broadband?

Unfortunately, at this time, there are no parental controls on Three broadbands.

Can I change the way my Three Adult filter works?

If you are above 18, you can ask for your account's adult content filter to be disabled. Do the things listed below:

  1. Use the contact form to get in touch with Three.
  2. As the Contact Reason, choose "General"
  3. "Age Verification" should be chosen as the Query type.
  4. The information on the form must be filled out completely to be validated.
  5. Please include a copy of one of the following forms of identification with your submission: a passport from any nation, a passport card, a full or provisional driving license from any country, a European Identity Card, or a student ID card. All forms of identification must prominently reflect your name and date of birth.
  6. The "Remove Adult Content Filter" must be included in the comments.
  7. Once everything is finished, click Submit.
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