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Is Three's Network down? How to check it on broadband and mobile services

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Last update: October 7, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Three Network down is an issue numerous Three network users have been experiencing lately. This article will outline how to look for these problems and what to do to resolve the issue or keep in touch while you wait it out.

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Is the Three network down?

Customers of Three are not exempt from occasionally experiencing problems with their mobile networks. However, there may be a variety of causes. It's also conceivable that the issues are with your phone, account, or something else that momentarily impairs Three's Network.

How to check if Three's Network has gone down

The Three network down statuses may be easily verified. To find out if there are any issues in your neighbourhood, go to Three's network status checker and input your postcode in the box at the top.

It should be relatively reliable because Three officials verify this information every 30 minutes. However, if it indicates your Network is working now, you could try again in half an hour (or half an hour after the page was last updated).

Using Three's coverage checker to determine the type of signal you should be receiving is also worthwhile if you're unsure of how the signal typically is in your current location.

In addition, if you have any remaining questions, you can go to Three's website on Downdetector, an independent forum where users may report issues with the company's numerous services.

Even if everything appears to be in order, don't give up because other things could still be the root of your Three mobile Network down.

Other possible reasons for Three Networks down

A wide range of factors can cause short-term and long-term signal problems, and not all of them will show up on Three's network status checker.

If Three isn't reporting problems, the problem might, for instance, be with your device or your account rather than the Network itself. These are often the first things you should check.

Storms and other severe weather can also occasionally have a short-term negative influence on signal, especially if they result in flooding or downed trees that could harm or interfere with masts.

Additionally, a very tiny area may be blocked by temporary structures like cranes or scaffolding, in addition to factors like your location or building. Even if Three claims to have a signal there, it may struggle to pass through particular construction materials. Factors like your distance from the nearest mast and any obstructions between you and the mast, such as hills and trees, may have an impact.

Many of these items won't appear as faults on Three's network status checker. Mast damage should be highlighted immediately after the Network is made aware of it, but generally, only scheduled and unforeseen repairs will be.

Is the Three Mobile network down?

Ten million people in the UK use Three Mobile. However, there have recently been issues with its services. Voicemail, SMS, and mobile internet are available, and the Network can fall anywhere or only in some places.

Numerous users have been saying they cannot send SMS, make calls, or access the internet. Additionally, customers have reported being cut off and unable to call.

What to do if the Three Network is down

Check your smartphone:

The problem might be with your device, which might be simple to fix. Make sure mobile data is turned on first (rather than just WiFi). The precise position may vary depending on your phone, but you can usually locate this toggle in your quick settings dropdown or main settings screen.

Try activating aeroplane mode and then turning it off again to see whether your signal reconnects, assuming that isn't the issue. Try turning your phone on and off if this doesn't work. You can also try charging your phone if you have a low battery because it occasionally has an effect.

Check your smartphone software:

Additionally, verify sure the software on your phone is current. On iPhone, you may check by heading to Settings - General - Software update. It probably will be, as you are typically notified when there is an update. Depending on your phone and Android version, the procedure may differ, but it usually involves something like Settings - Software update or Settings - System - System updates.

Resetting your network settings may be worthwhile in the end. If you want to do this on iOS, go to Settings - General - Reset - Reset Network Settings. If you want to do this on Android, go to Settings, select System or General management, then Reset or Reset options, and then Reset Network Settings or something similar (this can be worded multiple ways).

Ensure there are no issues with your account:

Most of the time, it won't be your account that's the problem, but it is possible, for instance, if there is a billing problem or a failed top-up. Check the Three apps (available for iOS and Android) or your My Three account to see the current status of your account.

Use WiFi Calling

There are ways to still be able to talk and text yourself. Most notably, WiFi Calling can't fix your problem.

This enables you to send and receive messages and make phone calls over your WiFi network. It's the same as carrying out those actions via a mobile network; the experience is seamless.

WiFi Calling is supported by many models and is simple to enable if it isn't already enabled on your phone. To learn more, visit our WiFi Calling guide.

Calls and messages are taken care of, and you may utilize WiFi to complete other web activities. You need to be in a location with a WiFi network for both of these things, but that shouldn't be an issue because there are several public WiFi around.

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