Three Call Charges for mobile and landline: How much do calls cost?

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Three Call Charges is one of the better ones in the UK, with the cheapest rates per minute for calls and other features that you will not find elsewhere, like Free incoming calls on any network. This article is a breakdown of the Three and other charges you may incur when you make a call on your mobile or landline.

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Will I be charged for calls on Three?

With Three, it's possible to make cheap calls abroad, and good quality calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK. You will incur cheap and easy-to-pay Three call charges, Three text charges, and three data charges. You should be aware of other costs, so read on to learn how to use your contract minutes, bundles and add-ons effectively.

Three Call Charges for international calls

Calling abroad used to always be expensive, but these days on Three, it may be extremely cheap. This is because of international calls on Three. The network offers two Call Abroad add-ons for heavy international callers that significantly reduce the cost of calls to various overseas locations.

There are two special Call Abroad add-ons available at the time of writing. The cheapest option is Abroad 100, which costs £5 a month and offers 100 international minutes that can be used in 55 different countries. As a result, this is perfect for individuals who rarely or only make brief international calls.

If you require additional minutes, you may also purchase "Call Abroad Unlimited" For £10 a month, you can get unlimited minutes in the same 55 countries. This might save you much money if you frequently make international calls.

Subscribers that pay monthly and corporate customers can use Three Call Abroad. The former can do so by dialling 333 from a Three phone, using the Three apps, or logging into their account on the Three website.

Call 337 from a Three phone to add Call Abroad for business customers.

Three Call Charges on landline

For calls to UK landlines, Three typically charges 3p per minute; however, this cost has tripled recently, and Three has begun to charge 10p per minute.

Call Charges on Three mobile plans

Three mobile charges depend on your available minutes, the kind of calls you make, and the phone plan you select. There are plans with a certain number of minutes, like 300 per month, and others with limitless minutes.

Although unlimited plans provide more than enough minutes for the ordinary user, it is important to be aware that some have caps; if you use more minutes than those allowed, you will have to pay more.

You should also be aware of the phone numbers covered by your calling plan. This also applies to unlimited plans, which are constrained by the call types covered under the plan. Before the month is out, if you use up all of your free minutes, you will begin to be charged the network's regular call rates.

This is unlikely to ever occur with an unlimited subscription. The number of minutes certain networks allow is capped under a fair usage policy, although this cap is typically set at a very high level (10,000 minutes per month), making it unlikely that you will go over it.

Three call charges on Pay As You Go Plans

The normal costs for Three's current pay-as-you-go (PAYG) customers have increased in the UK as well as while utilizing Three service in other European nations:

  • Calls will now cost 10p/minute instead of 3p/minute, a 7p/minute or 233% increase.
  • A text message will cost 10p to transmit, up from 2p at the moment (an increase of 400% or 8p/text).
  • Additionally, data prices will rocket up to 5p/MB from 1p/MB at present (an increase of 4p/MB or 400%).
  • Costs will also skyrocket by the following if these consumers use their phones outside of the UK and Europe.
  • A text will now cost 35p instead of the current 2p, an increase of 1,650% (or 33p/text)..

Three claims that its new tariffs remain highly competitive and that the changes to its normal charges for using your phone at home are unrelated to Brexit. Instead, they are intended to maintain prices in line with its new standard rates for overseas roaming. One of the major mobile service providers pledged to keep free roaming within the EU once the Brexit transition ended on January 1, 2021.

Other extra charges on Three

Modifications to your price plan and add-ons

To get through the month till your allowance is refreshed, add-ons provide you with additional data. Purchase them with My3 or the Three apps. It would help if you chose the data allowance Add-on that is best for you from the variety available.

It may be time to change your price plan if you consistently require more data allotment. Once more, you can utilize My3 or the Three apps. This can be accomplished for as little as £3 extra per month and will not influence the length of your plan.

Our Unlimited plans let you use as much data as possible without worrying about going over budget. Visit Three Stores to look at them.

Data transfer fees abroad.

Pay Monthly subscribers who joined or upgraded on or after October 1 2021, have a daily roaming fee to unlock their UK allocations for 24 hours in Go Roam destinations. A fee is applied when you use any of your Go Roam allowances—including making calls, sending messages, or using data—in a location. Roam in Europe costs £2, while Go Roam Around the World costs £5.

Consumers with Pay Monthly plans that began before October 1, 2021, will not be impacted, nor will Pay As You Go customers. The Isle of Man and the Republic of Ireland are exempt from the daily roaming fee. Applying our fair usage guidelines.

Three text charges

Customers can now only send 50 text messages with a £5 top-up instead of the previous 250.

Three data charges

For 1MB of 3G, 4G, or 5G data, Three now charges 1p; however, in mid-February 2021, that price will climb to 5p. Even worse, the free 150MB allowance that Three had previously given to all customers who topped up a Pay As You Go SIM has also been dropped in the adjustments. To put things in perspective, a single four-minute song from the iTunes Store takes about 8MB to download. About 150MB is required for a 30-minute group video call on WhatsApp.

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