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BT broadband, TV and phone packages: prices and characteristics

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Even though BT does not offer broadband, phone and TV packages, customers can mix their services to create a unique bundle. To do so, you just need to get the different packages for broadband, landline and TV separately.

All BT broadband, TV and telephone packages

BT does not offer a broadband, TV and telephone packages per se. However, users can mix and match the different options available for broadband, landline and TV, creating a unique package that meets their needs.

Broadband Packages

When choosing BT broadband tv and telephone packages, you may order various add-ons to fit your telecommunication requirements. You may purchase a broadband package with or without a landline for BT broadband.

Currently, many BT Broadband plans are available without a landline (also known as broadband-only plans). The pricing varies depending on the speeds you need, starting at £25.99 per month: However, if you decide to buy a package with a landline, you will be charged monthly for the telephone package.

The table below contains information on various broadband deals. Please note that deals may differ based on your location and the add-ons you order with your broadband package.

Plan Average speed Contract Length Installation cost Monthly Price
Fibre essential 36MBPS (megabytes per second) download9MBPSUpload 24 months £29.99 £25.99
Fibre 1 50MBPS download9MBPS download 24 months £29.99 £26.99
Fibre 2 67MBPS download18MBPS upload 24 months £29.99 £30.99

BT also offers full fibre packages with speeds up to 900 megabytes per second (900Mbps). These broadband packages are best for families that stream ultra-HD (4K) quality videos on multiple devices. Sadly, these packages are only available to a handful of families in the UK (eighteen per cent), unlike the traditional broadband packages with ninety-one per cent coverage in the UK.

The table below contains information on BT’s full fibre packages.

Plan Average speed Contract length Installation cost Monthly price
Full fibre 100 100MBPS download30MBPSupload 24 months £29.99 £35.99
Full fibre 300 300MBPS download49MBPS upload 24 months £29.99 £39.99
Full fibre 500 500MBPS download73MBPSupload 24 months £29.99 £45.99
Full fibre 900 910MBPS download110MBPS 24 months £29.99 £55.99

These prices do not include landline. You can opt-in for a landline or get a mobile sim card at an additional price. It is also important to check BT’s website for deals in your area: BT offers specific deals and speeds based on your location.

TV packages

BT offers flexible TV bundles, which are collections of channels they have chosen for sports lovers, drama junkies, movie buffs, and people that desire everything. They are adaptable because, during your twenty-four-month contract, you can switch to a different one every 30 days. Customers can choose from five flexible TV packages: VIP, Entertainment, Big Entertainment, Big Sport, and Sport.

Additionally, BT provides non-flexible TV bundles, such as essential, which include the following features:

  • AMC plus as many as ninety-four Freeview channels, sixteen of which are in HD
  • A seven-day catch-up period using your TV guide
  • The newest movies are available for purchase or rent on BT Player
  • Minimum term of twelve months
  • On your BT TV set-top box, you can pause, record, and fast-forward these channels

It is important to know that you must purchase a TV package with any broadband package of your choice.

Telephone packages

The table below shows BT telephone packages and their characteristics.

BT landline plan Monthly cost Description
Pay As You Go Calls £5/month This is the most cost-effective way to keep your landline service and number active. The cost per minute for calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK is 20.9p.
700 minutes £7.31/month This has 700 minutes to use to call UK landlines and mobile phones (any time).
Unlimited minutes £15.67/month This includes unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobile phones (any time).

Prices for BT broadband, TV and telephone packages

Prices for BT broadband

BT broadband packages start from £25.99 for superfast broadband and £35.99 for full fibre broadband packages. Please refer to the table on broadband packages to get a comprehensive list of BT broadband packages and their prices.

Prices for TV packages

The cheapest BT TV plan starts at just £17 per month (for entertainment), plus the cost of your chosen broadband plan. Sport is £16 per month, Big Sport is £41 per month, Big Entertainment is £27 per month, and VIP is £74 per month. Every TV package must include a broadband package.

Prices for Telephone packages

BT offers three different telephone packages, including the pay-as-you-go calls, which cost £5/month; 700 minutes at £7.31; and Unlimited at £15.67. Please consult the table on telephone packages to get more information on each package.

How to get broadband, TV and telephone packages in BT

Follow these simple steps to access BT telephone, broadband, and TV packages.

  1. Visit BT’s website on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Select the service you wish to subscribe to (Broadband, TV, telephone).
  3. View the different packages. It would be best if you typed in your postcode for broadband packages to get deals in your area.
  4. Select your preferred package
  5. Customize your package (order add-ons)
  6. Proceed to checkout.

Frequently asked questions about BT’s telephone, broadband and TV packages.

Can I change my BT broadband, phone and TV package mid-contract?

Yes. You can upgrade or downgrade any BT telephone, broadband, or tv packages mid contract. You can also order add-ons as a temporary measure to augment monthly packages. Add-ons are one-off subscriptions and do not renew monthly.

What other benefits do BT broadband TV and telephone packages include?

BT offers many value-added services, including BT roam-like-home and travel data pass, which allow you to use BT data and call minutes outside the UK. There are several other benefits that BT offers customers.

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