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Last update: October 2, 2023
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BT offers great landline-only deals at a bargain. This article will look at the different BT landline only packages and their cost. You should read the entire article if you want a comprehensive understanding of BT landline-only packages.

Best BT Landline deals

Home phone saver is BT's premium telephone-only plan that bundles line rental, calls and features into one neat package for just £21.99 a month.

What you get with the BT home phone saver:

  • Monthly line rental
  • Calls to UK landlines are free forever and can last up to an hour.
  • Calls to the 0845 and 0870 lines are free and unlimited at any time for up to an hour.
  • 1000 free calls to BT Mobiles (excluding BT Business Mobile)
  • Free 1471 Call Back.
  • Includes 1571 Call returns if you have BT Answer 1571 voicemail,
  • Caller ID with BT Privacy
  • Call at a Premium Rate Internationally When you opt in, you can receive up to seven helpful calling features for free.

Get Call Minder With Enhanced BT Call Protect.

All BT Landline only packages

With BT landline-only services, you may call whenever you want without worrying about the time of day or the cost of the call. Their new calling options include day or night calls to UK landlines and UK mobiles for just one monthly fee or a direct flat cost.

The table below shows BT home phone packages, what you expect to get and the monthly cost.

Landline package Description Monthly cost
Pay as you go Day or night, calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK cost 22.84p per minute. £23.05 (includes line rental) +12 month contract.
700 minutes You can call any UK landline or mobile number for 700 minutes each month, day or night. £30.55 (includes line rental) +12 month contract.
Unlimited calls Make as many calls as you like, day or night, to any UK landline or UK mobile number. £39.05 (includes line rental) +12 month contract.

BT Landline: pay as you go.

The BT pay-as-you-go landline package is the cheapest of the three available landline-only packages. Customers on this plan can call all Uk landlines and UK mobiles any time of the day for a flat rate of 22.84p a minute. Regarding BT pay-as-you-go charges, it costs £23.05/ month (including line rental). You do have to sign a twelve-month contract, and you may pay a fee for the connection.

How much is BT landline: prices and charges

BT landline prices differ for each of the three packages. The cheapest package costs £23.05/ month, while the most expensive plan costs £39.05/month. The 700 minutes package costs £30.55/month in the middle. Installation cost may apply for whichever package you choose.

Please note that all landline plans, including call rates, add-ons, and plans, will see a monthly price increase in March of each year equal to the rate of inflation (the Consumer Price Index rate released in January of each year) + 3.9%.

Frequently asked questions about BT Landline.

Are BT doing away with landlines?

As part of a massive transition to digital technology, BT will replace conventional landline handsets. When the switchover occurs in 2025, a new digital phone will be preferred over a landline, forcing all homes online. The phone will be powered by electricity and need to be connected to the internet to make calls.

Does BT landline include installation charges?

BT landline may include installation charges. You will be given more information about this when you purchase a BT home phone from BT's website.

What's more

  • The free feature BT Call Protect, which helps block intrusive and unwanted calls, is available with all BT home phone plans. It is simple to set up and administer on your phone or computer.
  • Unlimited Anytime Calls offers 1000 free minutes to BT Mobile in addition to excellent call rates to UK mobiles (excludes BT Business Mobile).
  • BT has assured clients that the rollout will be gradual and that landline clients will receive help at every stage. The telecom industry leader has promised to get in touch with the consumers, getting updated in advance to keep them as well-informed as possible and ensure their needs are addressed.
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