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Are BT TV deals worth it?

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Last update: October 2, 2023
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BT TV can provide a lot of value to a household through amazing channels that include the best movies, shows, documentaries and live updates of the Premier League and other sports.


BT TV Entertainment Package

The BT TV Entertainment package is the cheapest entertainment package that BT offers; customers will get channels such as Sky Atlantic, Sky One, Discovery, Comedy Central and Premium Channels with the NOW TV Entertainment Pass.

This deal also includes over 300 Box Sets on demand from NOW TV and Freeview, AMC & a recordable TV box. 

BT TV Big Entertainment Deal

The Big Entertainment BT TV package has everything that the BT Entertainment deal offers, however, this plan includes Sky Cinema channels and over 1000 movies on demand from Now TV.

This deal also offers everything BT TV Entertainment has which will effect the price for customers.

BT TV VIP Package

The BT TV VIP plan offers more channels such as; Sky Atlantic, Sky One, more premium channels and 11 Sky Sports channels from NOW TV.

Customers will also receive all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation from BT, the Sky Cinema channels from NOW TV and Full HD channels from BT and NOW TV including Sky Sports and Sky Atlantic HD. 

This deals also offers everything the BT TV Entertainment and BT TV Big Entertainment has so it is the most expensive deal out of the three deals.

BT Sport TV Package

The BT Sport is the cheapest package but it still offers a range of benefits that will keep customers entertained. It includes all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation, 52 live Premier League matches, UEFA Champions games that are only exclusive to BT Sport and Freeview, AMC and a recordable TV box. 

BT Big Sport TV Deal

The BT Big Sport TV Deal offers 11 Sky Sports channels that provide the Premier League, F1, Golf Majors and many more with the NOW TV Sky Sports Pass.

This sports deal gives customers a lot more freedom to watch more sports and stay updated with a wider range of sporting events. Also, this deal offers all the channels BT Sport TV provides.

BT VIP TV Package

This deal gives customers the ability to dive in further than sports by offering movies and other entertainment channels. 

The BT VIP TV offers everything that is in the BT Big Sport and BT Big Entertainment packages including the Sky Atlantic One and more premium channels from NOW TV, 11 Sky Sports channels from NOW TV, all four BT Sport channels and BoxNation from BT.

Finally, all the Sky Cinema channels from NOW TV and full HD channels from BT and full HD channels from NOW TV that includes Sky Sports HD and Sky Atlantic HD are also in the BT VIP TV package.  

BT TV and BT Broadband Deals 

One of the best BT bundles to have is a broadband plan with a TV deal as they both support each other.

For example, a broadband offers great Wi-Fi connection so customers can watch their favourite movies or sporting event with BT TV packages. 

This can suit plenty of households around the UK and the best part is that it is affordable.

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