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Last update: May 29, 2023
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This article will examine what a BT contract covers for sim-only, mobile, and broadband, how to find out when the BT contract ends, what happens if you decide to quit, and BT contract renewaloptions.

What is a BT contract: Sim only, mobile and broadband

For BT Sim only Contract

A family SIM plan makes all mobile BT twelve-month data packages accessible (4GB up to 100GB). If you select the 100GB plan, everyone will receive 100GB rather than the amount divided by the data allowance per person. You can add up to five, and each extra SIM earns you a twenty per cent discount, saving you a ton of money.

Like all BT Mobile plans, all family SIM-only plans include unlimited calls and texts. BT Sport is an added perk for data subscriptions with 25GB or more.

You may add or remove SIM cards whenever you need to with BT family plans. Additionally, you may manage your family's mobile phones quickly and easily from one account by controlling all of your settings.

For BT Broadband Contract

A twenty-four-month contract is included with each BT broadband offer. So you'll continue getting the same BT services after twenty-four months, but you won't get the first discount. Your monthly cost may rise, and it could be time to consider switching again.

A typical ADSL bundle from BT has a speed of 10Mbps (which is in line with most other UK providers). However, as was already noted, you can only use it if you cannot obtain fibre broadband.

For some special customers, BT also offers three fibre options with speeds averaging 36Mbps, 50Mbps, and 67Mbps. These plans include the well-known Smart Hub router from the company (standard broadband is offered with the less advanced Home Hub 4).

What do I need to contract BT?

All you need to do to enter a contract with BT is to buy one of the BT packages. Once you select a package, BT will provide you with the agreement for this package. After reading this agreement, you will be asked to accept the term of the agreement. Accepting the terms of the agreement means that you have entered a contract with BT.

Please pay attention to the contract terms, as they are legally binding, and a breach of the contract terms can result in legal action.

When does my BT contract end, and how to find out?

Another usual question users ask is, How do I find out when my BT contract ends? Through the MyBT account portal, you may look up the end date of your BT broadband contract online;

  • Activate your MyBT account by logging in.
  • Choose My Orders under Support.
  • Select Show contract terms after choosing your existing broadband contract.
  • Under Contract Terms, you should find the specifics of your contract.

BT contract renewal: how to recontract

You may phone the loyalty team or visit MyBT page to renew your BT Contract.

Can I end my BT contract?

Yes, you can have BT end the contract.

However, before you go;

  • Please report any errors or issues with your service.
  • Your service could have a problem that BT can fix, such as slow internet or connection problems. Report online defects.
  • Check the deadline for your contract. There could be a cost. (If you cancel your service before the minimum duration of your contract, you can be charged an early termination fee. Your bill includes the expiration date of your contract for the services.)
  • Before you leave, you must provide BT with 30 days' notice.

After 30 days of cancellation, your service will end.

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