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BT phone and broadband deals: packages and prices

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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There are a variety of BT phone and broadband deals that BT customers can choose from. In this article, we explore the different broadband and phone packages available to BT customers, their features, the cost, and how to find deals on BT broadband and phone packages.

BT phone and broadband deals: all packages available

Depending on the internet speed you need, BT broadband offers a variety of solutions. It provides a spectrum of residential internet services, including ultrafast and gigabit full-fibre Broadband, regular copper ADSL, and superfast fibre.

BT Broadband deals

BT superfast Fibre Plans

Ninety-one percent of houses in the UK now have access to BT's fibre broadband service. On the Openreach network, fibre-to-the-cabinet (FTTC) technology is frequently used. Therefore a copper connection serves as the last mile link from the cabinet to your residence, which is reached via a fibre optic cable.

If fibre internet isn't available at your address, you might be given a regular copper broadband plan as a substitute. You'll receive 10MBPS (Megabytes Per Seconds) download speeds on average, thanks to ADSL broadband technology.

Below is a table containing information on BT fibre broadband services

Plan Average speed Contract Length
Fibre essential 36MBPS (megabytes per second) download9MBPSUpload 24 months
Fibre 1 50MBPS download9MBPS download 24 months
Fibre 2 67MBPS download18MBPS upload 24 months

Full fibre Plans

Full fibre internet is also an option from BT in roughly five million houses in the UK or about eighteen per cent of all residences. As they don't rely on a part-copper connection, these Full Fibre plans provide considerably higher download speeds and more dependable internet service.

The speed of your full fibre connection depends on your address. BT will tell you the expected speed for your full fibre connection before you make a purchase.

Below is a table showing BT's Full fibre plans

Plan Average speed Contract length
Full fibre 100 100 MBPS download30MBPSupload 24 months
Full fibre 300 300MBPS download49MBPS upload 24 months
Full fibre 500 500MBPS download73MBPSupload 24 months
Full fibre 900 910MBPS download110MBPS upload 24 months

These BT broadband and phone packages are the standard packages offered by BT. However, you can access several other deals based on your order add-ons. BT also offers deals for students that include shorter contracts and lower prices. The full list of deals on BT broadband is available on BT's website.

BT broadband Add ons

Listed below are the available BT broadband add-ons.

  • Hybrid Connect (£7/month)
  • Complete Wi-Fi (£12/month)
  • BT TV (from £12/month)
  • BT Home Phone (from £5/month)
  • BT Halo

BT mobile data deals

Consider adding a BT Mobile SIM card to your BT Broadband package as an alternative to adding a BT landline.

The table below shows BT mobile plan.

Data Monthly cost
5GB (Gigabyte) £8
10GB £10
40GB £15
100GB £20

Prices for Broadband and phone in BT

The BT broadband and call packages prices are listed in the tables below. It is worth mentioning that BT offers different deals to new customers based on their location.

Listed below are prices for the BT super fast broadband packages.

Plan Installation cost Monthly Price
Fibre essential £29.99 £25.99
Fibre 1 £29.99 £26.99
Fibre 2 £29.99 £30.99

Listed below are prices for the BT full fibre broadband packages.

Plan Installation cost Monthly price
Full fibre 100 £29.99 £35.99
Full fibre 300 £29.99 £39.99
Full fibre 500 £29.99 £45.99
Full fibre 900 £29.99 £55.99

Listed below are prices for the BT landline packages.

BT landline plan Monthly cost
Pay As You Go Calls £5/month
700 minutes £7.31/month
Unlimited minutes £15.67/month

Please note that the prices listed in this article may vary based on new package rates and the add-ons you order.

BT phone and Broadband deals: call packages

BT landline deals

BT broadband and landline deals allow you to pay together for BT broadband and landline packages.

If you plan on getting a landline with your broadband service, you can choose from one of the following three options.

BT landline plan Description
Pay As You Go Calls When you call a UK landline or mobile number, the rate is 20.9p/minute.
700 minutes This contains 700 minutes to call landlines and mobile phones in the UK.
Unlimited minutes This covers unrestricted calls to landlines and mobile phones in the UK.

Depending on where you live, BT may use a normal analogue phone line or BT's more recent Digital Voice technology to deliver the landline service.

You can choose between two free handsets if you receive a Digital Voice service (an Advanced Digital Phone with Alexa or two Essential Digital Phones). Additionally, your Digital Voice subscription comes with features like voicemail, call waiting, and call divert.

BT mobile deals on calls

As a BT Broadband customer, you can get a BT Mobile SIM card for £8 per month. The price also reflects the £5/month discount for BT Broadband users. All BT Mobile plans offer unlimited minutes, normally costing £15.67 per month on a BT landline.

The table below shows BT mobile call packages. These mobile packages combine the call and data allowance. To see the data allowance on each package, please consult the table in the mobile data deals section.

Minutes Text Monthly cost
Unlimited Unlimited £8
Unlimited Unlimited £10
Unlimited Unlimited £15
Unlimited Unlimited £20

How to get a broadband deal on BT

Subscribers get different BT phone and broadband packages based on their location. Follow these steps to find BT broadband and phone deals in your area.

  1. Visit the BT broadband deal page
  2. Type in your postcode
  3. Click on see your deals
  4. Choose the plan that suits you from the available options.

BT also offers special deals to customers based on the time they joined the network; there are also deals for students. Please visit the BT website to find more deals on phone and broadband packages.

Frequently asked questions about BT phone and broadband deals.

Can I add my call packages to my BT broadband?

BT offers customers the option of purchasing BT broadband packages with a landline for an extra fee starting from £7/month. However, if you do not want a landline, you can get a mobile sim card starting from £8/month. All mobile packages include unlimited calls and texts.

BT broadband and phone packages include installation.

BT charges an extra fee for installation. You can find the installation fees on their website when you put in your postcode and request to see your deals. You can also contact BT customer care to get more information on installation fees for specific packages.

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