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BT Deals for Existing customers

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Roams UK Entry updated on Thursday, February 17, 2022

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BT will offer discounts on deals for existing customers when they upgrade, which will save them money. This is a great way for BT to show clients their appreciation of being a loyal customer.

Top mobile de BT
RateDataCalls Coverage
PriceSubscribe by
BT 100 GB
100 GB Unlimited EE £30/pm
More information
BT 100 GB Family SIM
100 GB Unlimited EE £60/pm
More information
BT 30 GB
30 GB Unlimited EE £25/pm
More information
BT 30 GB Data Family SIM
30 GB Unlimited EE £55/pm
More information
BT 20 GB
20 GB Unlimited EE £20/pm
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BT 20 GB Data Family SIM
20 GB Unlimited EE £50/pm
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BT 15 GB
15 GB Unlimited EE £15/pm
More information
Source: Roams, price comparison from the official information provided and/or advertised by the telco companies. Deals are shown for individuals and mobile of BT. Ordered by best deal. Final prices with VAT. Updated on Monday, May 16, 2022.
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BT Broadband Deals for Existing customers 

BT broadband deals offer so much value to customers through reliable speed, cheap prices and extra online security.

However, existing BT customers are able to get more out of their deals with amazing gifts and discounts when they upgrade.

For example, when customer's upgrade and add a BT TV plan to their broadband it will be cheaper for existing customers. This will be handy for university students, as it will save them money.

BT broadband existing customers can get half price for any add-on such as BT TV or BT Mobile, so customers should start looking to upgrade.

What BT TV Add-ons can you add for Existing customers?

Existing BT broadband customers can add a TV service for half price and make a great bundle.

Clients can add BT Sport to their broadband, which offers amazing channels that will keep the family entertained on the weekend supporting their favourite Premier League Football team.

The BT TV Sport offers all four BT Sport Channels and BoxNation, 52 live Premier League matches and every single UEFA Champions League game and exclusive to BT Sport. 

Another great deal to have is the BT Big Sport as it offers existing customers all 11 Sky Sports channels, the Premier League, F1, gold majors and more on NOW TV.

There are more add-ons that existing customers can get for half the price but the BT Sport and BT Big Sport are two good deals to upgrade to.

BT Broadband deals & BT Family SIMs

There is more good news for BT broadband existing customers as they can add a mobile Family SIM to their broadband plan.

Customers will get a discount on their BT mobile Family deal, which is another great advantage.

A BT mobile Family SIM allows customers to have multiple SIMs that are being paid by one account and clients can add up to 5 SIMs with up to 100GB of added data.

If you are a family looking to bite down on costs then a BT Family SIM will be perfect. For example, customers will get a discount of £5 a month, which is a great way to save money.

More BT Deals for BT Existing Customers 

For broadband existing customers who want to join a BT SIM only deal will get a £5 discount for every plan they choose.

It doesn't matter how long your SIM plan contract is, as long as you're a BT broadband customer you'll get a discount on your next SIM plan.

This is a great benefit for BT members as they can save money on their SIM only plans so customer like university students or people who are on a budget can save money.

Download the BT App

Existing customers who want to browse for upgraded deals can do it online through the BT Official Website or the BT app.

For iPhone users they can get the app from the App Store and Samsung users can find it on Google Play.

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