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The Plusnet mobile coverage map is design to provide Plusnet customers a clear display of what areas have coverage in the United Kingdom. Plusnet customers should check what areas have Plusnet 4G coverage which is the best data technology that Plusnet mobile offers.

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Standard Plans 5GB 30 Days
5 GB Unlimited EE £16/pm
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Standard Plans 4GB 30 Days
4 GB Unlimited EE £14/pm
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Standard Plans 3GB 30 Days
3 GB 1000 min EE £12/pm
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Standard Plans 2GB 30 Days
2 GB 500 min EE £9.50/pm
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Standard Plans 0.5GB 30 Days
500 M B 250 min EE £7.50/pm
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Plusnet Coverage Checker

The Plusnet customers should check the Plusnet coverage checker on a daily basis because it gives customers a clear out view of what areas have coverage within the United Kingdom. The coverage Plusnet coverage checker has a coverage strength key which shows five different categories of the level of strength of coverage.

For example, the Plusnet coverage checker will show what areas in the UK have excellent connections and areas that have a low connection. Some areas have no service so it is important to check the Plusnet coverage checker.

The Plusnet coverage checker is using Google maps to show the information that is displayed on the Plusnet coverage map. Therefore, Plusnet must agree to terms of service for Google maps.

Plusnet customers who don't have service on a daily or weekly basis should regularly check the Plusnet coverage checker just to make sure that they are in areas that have coverage.

Check which area has 2G, 3G, 4G

It is important to understand the different types of data technologies because Plusnet offers three different data services 2G, 3G and 4G. 2G is a very old data service and is mostly use to check emails but it is still a slow service and is not really used in todays world.

However, 3G is a lot faster than 2G, Plusnet customers will use this data technology to check their social media and emails on a daily basis but is 3G is not really efficient. Plusnet 4G is a huge jump from both 2G and 3G, 4G is one of the most used type of data technology and Plusnet customers can browse on social media, watch videos and stream music with decent internet speed.

Plusnet customers can use the Plusnet coverage checker to see which areas offers Plusnet 4G coverage and 3G but must remember to enable 4G on their phone so that they can receive the best data technology Plusnet has to offer.

What network does Plusnet use

Plusnet mobile is very similar to many other carriers in the UK, they also use another network so that they can get their service all over the United Kingdom. So what network does Plusnet use? They use EE which is a good sign for all Plusnet customers.

EE is one of the major network providers in the UK so Plusnet mobile customers will have same coverage as EE customers. This means that Plusnet 4G coverage and 3G customers will be using the EE network.

Plusnet relying on EE as their main network provider means that Plusnet can work on creating awesome Plusnet SIM only plans and let EE focus on delivering the coverage for Plusnet.

What are the problems with Plusnet network

As good as EE is for Plusnet there is still some problems that even Plusnet cannot control because it is to do with the environment and location that a Plusnet customer is in.

For example, if a Plusnet customer is in a building with thick material or even underground building this will cause the internet connection to be very weak or even a loss of connection. Also, if the weather conditions are very bad and there us a lot of tree cover this will effect the internet connection. In some cases with 4G being in a public place that is very crowded such as a sporting event there is a good chance of low internet service or no service.

However, these issues are easily resolved by changing your location but it is important to understand these issues because if you experience some of these problems then Plusnet customers should know why and can make the adjustments.


Plusnet customers should use the Plusnet coverage checker to make sure that they are not in areas that don't have coverage in the UK and also remember that there are some problems that cant be resolved because factors such as bad weather. Plusnet customers should check the Plusnet coverage map for what areas has Plusnet 4G coverage.

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