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How do I get Plusnet TV

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Last update: May 29, 2023
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Unfortunately, for all new customers who have recently joined Plusnet, you won't be able to get Plusnet TV because it is only offered to existing customers. Plusnet is new to the TV scene in comparison to other providers, so let's see if it offers clients a lot of value.

Plusnet Broadband and TV Process

The easiest way to get Plusnet TV is to become a Plusnet Fibre member, so call 0800 011 3217 to add a TV service. The product usually arrives to your doorstep between 3-5 working days.

Setting it up is fairly simple, as you just need to plug it into your TV and connect it to your router. Members need to follow the instructions that will be displayed on the screen and you will be ready to watch all the amazing channels.

What Channels do I get with Plusnet TV?

Plusnet TV provides you with the option of two types of YouView boxes. The standard YouView box allows you to access all the channels that Plusnet TV offers.

There are 20 Premium entertainment channels that are designed to bring life to your household.


Eurosport 1 and 2




Investigation Discovery

National Geographic

Nat Geo Wild


The Animal Planet

Crime and Investigation


Comedy Central






These channels are included in the standard YouView box but don't worry sports fans as you will get BT Sport 1 free of charge and stay updated with the Premier League and Champions League Football.

If you choose the standard YouView box it is important to know that the only HD channels are the BBC One and Two, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 4+1, 4seven, Community, CBBC and CBeebies and STV based in Scotland.

YouView+ Box

This is the deal that existing customers most demand, as it allows viewers to do a lot more than with your standard Plusnet TV YouView deal. Clients will be able to record 300 hours of standard definition TV and 150 hours of HD.

Unlike with the standard YouView deal, there is no need to rush your chores around the house because you have the ability to pause, and rewind live TV. Customers will also have the ability to record from their phones by downloading the YouView app.

However, there is nothing wrong with getting a standard YouView deal as it still will provide a range of free channels that can keep your household entertained.

Can we get more?

Of course, customers can have add-ons such as more BT Sports channels, Entertainment Plus and channels that are targeted for Kids.

For a monthly fee, Plusnet members will be able to access BT Sport 2 and 3 which covers a variety of sports like cricket, tennis and UFC.

If you want more premium channels, then adding an Entertainment Plus plan can be an option, as it will provide you with 11 extra outlets which include:

Comedy Central Extra

MTV Music

Movies 24



Good Food

Discovery Science

Discovery Turbo

MTV Classic

Add a Kids channel pack that will include Cartoon Network, Nick Jnr, Nickelodeon, Boomerang, Disney XD and five other channels for children. Remember that you can download the BT Sport app and watch on the go.

Find the best Plusnet Fibre Deals

There are a few different Unlimited Fibre plans but the best one to join that will suit a TV add on service is the Plusnet Fibre Extra. This is perfect for crowded houses which will allow for multiple devices to operate at the same time.

This broadband deal offers a 66MBps average download speed and has a 18-month contract length. This deal will keep the family active online and entertained with great TV channels.

Other broadband plans, such as the Plusnet Unlimited Fibre, are a good choice and cheaper but may be slower in regards to the average download speed. Clients must find what type of Fibre broadband deal that is best for them.

According to Uswitch, Plusnet is highly recommended as the best broadband provider in 2020. This should be a good enough reason for clients to choose Plusnet as their broadband provider.

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