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Vodafone Black Friday 2022: when will it take place, deals and discounts

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Last update: October 16, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Vodafone Black Friday deals are already rolling out, and customers in the United Kingdom (UK) can start getting excited about the lineup of amazing discounts. Furthermore, considering the deals that were available in the black Friday deals for last year, we can expect whopping discounts on Mobiles, SIM-only plans and broadband from Vodafone. In this article, we predict the deals that could be on the table from Vodafone and how to best optimize them.

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Black Friday Vodafone 2022: when will it take place?

Vodafone Black Friday is always a great opportunity to get more for less. In other words, save your buying, subscribe, and get it all at amazing discount prices during the black Friday sales in November.

When will Black Friday with Vodafone happen in 2022?

Vodafone typically starts the black Friday season for customers with amazing discounts in the weeks leading to black Friday. The massive discount and sales, however, happen on a fixed date. This year, Vodafone has slated Black Friday to be on the 25th of November. That isn’t all, though, as the discounts continue all through the weekend and end with a final reduction in price on Cyber Monday which is on the 28th of November.

All the possible deals available for Vodafone Black Friday 2022

Regarding the Vodafone black Friday, you can expect discounts across every service the brand offers. Expect a reduction in upfront costs, great discounts on monthly payments, and amazing price slashes from Mobile deals from brands like Apple, Samsung and Huawei. Get SIM-only plans with Black Friday and get discounts. It would help if you also were looking for gifts that Vodafone might be giving out along with black Friday deals.

Vodafone Black Friday: SIM-only deals

Vodafone offers Sim-only deals to customers at great prices. With Black Friday 2022 coming, you can expect up to fifteen per cent (15%) off SIM-only deals.

Here is a possible projection of black Friday prices for SIM-only deals on Vodafone.

1. Basics Sim only 20 8 6.8
2. Basics Sim only 40 10 9.5
3. Unlimited Sim only Lite Unlimited 25 22.5
4. Unlimited Sim only Max Unlimited 35 29.75
5. Basics Sim only 4 6 5.1
6. Unlimited SIM Only Max + 4 Xtra Benefits Unlimited 38 32.3
7. Red SIM Only 5GB 5 16 13.6
8. Pay Monthly 6GB + 4 Xtra Benefits 6 23 19.55
9. Red SIM Only 160GB 160 20 17
10. Red SIM Only 20GB 20 21 17.85

Please note that all prices are a projection based on the Vodafone Black Friday 2021 and not the official Vodafone Black Friday prices.

Broadband deals for Vodafone Black Friday

Get great discounts of up to fifteen per cent (15%) in the upcoming Vodafone Black Friday sales.

1. Vodafone Superfast 2 67 22 18.7
2. Vodafone Superfast 1 38 20 17
3. Vodafone Pro Superfast 1 100 33 28.05
4. Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 910 53 45.05
5. Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 200 200 38 32.3
6. Vodafone Pro Superfast 200 67 30 25.5
7. Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 500 500 43 36.55

Please note that all prices are a projection based on the Vodafone Black Friday 2021 and not the official Vodafone Black Friday prices.

Will there be deals for existing customers for Vodafone Black Friday?

If you are an existing customer with Vodafone and wondering if the Black Friday promo extends to you, worry no more. Vodafone also has amazing discount offers for its loyal customers.

Here are a few discounts you can get as an existing Vodafone Customer.

  • Get discounts on add-ons. Black Friday is a great time to add a package to your existing Vodafone package. Get discounts when you add a Mobile plan to your broadband package.
  • Upgrade your Package with Black Friday Deals. Vodafone offers you a chance to upgrade your package at amazing discounts on Black Friday. Get faster internet speeds, connect with more devices or get more data by upgrading your package on Black Friday or Cyber Monday.
  • Get gifts. Vodafone always gives great gifts during their black Friday promo season. This year, you might be lucky.
  • You also get free next-day deliveries as an existing customer.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone Black Friday

How do I stay updated on Vodafone Black Friday?

You can sign up for updates on the Vodafone official website.

Are there other discounts on Vodafone before Black Friday?

Sure there are. Get great bargains when you sign up with Vodafone.

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