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Vodafone Wi-Fi booster: what it is and how to get it with Pro Broadband

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Last update: August 23, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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With Vodafone Wi-Fi booster, you get access to uninterrupted Wi-Fi connection in every room in your home or office, enabling you to read the news, set reminders, make phone calls and do a lot more. Continue reading to get more knowledge on all Vodafone Wi-Fi booster offers.

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What is a Vodafone Wi-Fi booster?

There may still be spots in your house or office where the Wi-Fi connection isn’t the best, which can often be frustrating and prevent certain tasks from being done. That’s where the Vodafone Wi-Fi booster comes in. Vodafone Wi-Fi booster helps you strengthen or expand your wireless signal to trouble spots where it is weak. This weakness in the signal can be caused by thick walls, floors, and distance to the router, among other things.

For better Wi-Fi connections, the Vodafone Wi-Fi booster pulls the current wireless signal from your router, amplifies it, and then rebroadcasts it, ensuring that all corners of your home or office have reliable Wi-Fi coverage.

How to get a Vodafone Super Wi-Fi booster?

Vodafone Super Wi-Fi booster is available to new and existing customers who are subscribers of Vodafone Home. As a new customer of Vodafone home, you can use Vodafone’s address checker and select your desired broadband plan to see if Super Wi-Fi is available. You can alternatively contact one of their agents on Live Chat. If you are an existing customer and want a Super Wi-Fi booster, please contact one of Vodafone’s agents on Live Chat.

You can add a Vodafone Super Wi-Fi booster to your Vodafone Fibre Broadband subscription for just £5 per month.

How to set up and connect a Vodafone Wi-Fi booster.

Setting up your Vodafone Wi-Fi booster is straightforward. Follow these easy steps on how to set up your Super Wi-Fi booster.

  • If you haven’t already, download the Vodafone Broadband app from the App Store or Google Play Store to be able to control your broadband devices.
  • To begin the setup of your Super Wi-Fi booster, plug in your booster to a power socket, and then wait till a white light begins to flash.
  • Next, launch the Broadband app and select the Super Wi-Fi Installation Guide title.
  • To get started, follow thethe onscreen instructions.

If the Super Wi-Fi title or the plus (+) icon to add your booster doesn’t appear, make sure you have the most recent version of the Broadband app by visiting your app store and downloading any updates. Please uninstall and reinstall the Vodafone Broadband app if no updates are available.

The broadband app will walk you through the setup process and guide you on connecting the Vodafone Wi-Fi booster to your router. It will also recommend the best location for your booster.

Enjoy Vodafone Wi-Fi Booster with Pro Broadband

With the Super Wi-Fi booster, Vodafone Pro Broadband offers dependable Wi-Fi signals in every corner of your room. It also includes 24/7 expert assistance, a year’s worth of Norton 360 Premium, and 4G Broadband backup on the network.

Note that all Pro Broadband plans include Vodafone Super Wi-Fi. These start at 30 per month and go up to 58 per month for pro-Gigafast 900. The table below illustrates Pro Broadband plans with Super Wi-Fi, including:

Plan Average Speed Contract Length Monthly Price
Vodafone Pro Superfast 1 38Mbps download 24 months £30
Vodafone Pro Superfast 2 67Mbps download 24 months £30
Vodafone Pro Superfast 100 100Mbs download 24 months £33
Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 200 200Mbps download 24 months £43
Vodafone Pro Ultrafast 500 500Mbps download 24 months £48
Vodafone Pro Gigafast 900 910Mbps download 24 months £58

Not all Pro Broadband plans may be accessible, depending on where you live. For example, The Pro Superfast 1 and Pro Superfast 2 plans are available in approximately 91% of UK homes.

However, faster plans such as Pro Superfast 100, Pro Ultrafast 200, Pro Ultrafast 500, and Pro Gigafast 900 are only accessible to Vodafone customers with full-fibre broadband.

To find out what Pro Broadband plans are available in your area, enter your address on the Vodafone website.

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