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Is Vodafone down? How to check if your broadband or mobile are not working

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Last update: October 7, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Vodafone Problems can be very frustrating to handle. In this article, learn the best ways to handle any Vodafone Problems, the best reporting channels and how to resolve whatever problem has occurred.

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How to know if Vodafone Broadband or Phone services are down today

Vodafone Problems can be far-reaching in their effects. Vodafone boasts a wide array of Customers that can be affected whenever there is any problem with their Broadband or Phone services. Furthermore, imagine having to do something important like get on a work call or chat with a very important client. A network glitch would be most devastating at this point.

The last time Vodafone had any major network issues was in 2020, which lasted about two (2) hours. If you suspect that your Vodafone Phone or Broadband network might be down, do any of the following.

  • Restart your phone to check that it is not a simple issue a restart can solve.
  • Visit the Vodafone official website and use the service checker. With this method, you can confirm if there is a general network shortage in your area or if it has only affected your device.
  • To ensure you are properly informed, you can subscribe to the Vodafone notification service to get an update whenever there is a problem. Vodafone will also let you know the steps it is taking to mitigate whatever problem there might be.
  • Check for scheduled Maintenance or Outages that Vodafone might have previously announced.

Once you have followed these steps, you can certainly confirm whether or not there is a Vodafone Problem today.

What to do if Vodafone broadband is down

When you have confirmed that Vodafone’s broadband is down on your phone, the next step is to work on resolving whatever issue there is to get your network up and running again.

Try any of these initial steps to get your internet working again.

  1. Confirm that you have set your device to always select a network.
  2. Please check that you have turned on your data connection.
  3. Ensure you have updated to the latest version available.
  4. Check that your device is not stuck in Airplane mode.
  5. Finally, check if your SIM or device has any visible faults.

Also, you can use the following Troubleshooting steps depending on the issue you are facing.

1. Accessing Mobile Data
  1. Check that Mobile Data is switched on.
  2. Check your Access Point Name (APN) settings.
  3. For a regional coverage area, switch on “Data roaming.”
2. Slow Data Speeds
  1. The site you are using might be experiencing a high traffic.
  2. Check your Operating system, processing power and available memory.
  3. If you have a 4G phone, move to a 3G coverage area.
3. Making Calls
  1. Ensure you have not placed an outgoing call ban on your device.
  2. Check that you do not have any outstanding bills.
  3. Try calling another number.
4. Receiving Calls
  1. Check that you do not have call diversion on.
  2. Ensure you have turned off the DO NOT DISTURB mode.
  3. Check that the number trying to call you is not barred from doing so.
5. Call Dropping Out
  1. Move to a spot close to the window.
6. Sending Texts
  1. Ensure that your outbox folder is not full.
  2. If the number you are trying to call starts with 19, check that you have not blocked access to Premium SMS.
7. Receiving Texts
  1. Check that the number sending the text is not barred.
  2. If your device has been switched off for a while, some of your undelivered messages might have expired.
  3. Try sending yourself a text to ensure messages aren’t banned on your device.
8. Sending Picture Messages
  1. For iPhone users, check if the message is being sent as an iMessage, Consider switching off iMessage from your device setting.
9. Receiving Picture Messages Same as with receiving text messages.

Vodafone network not working: is it down?

You can confirm if your Vodafone Problems are due to the system being down by logging a complaint with them. Also, you can check the complaint log for each day to see if there is a general issue. Finally, Vodafone will send an official statement if their system is down.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone Problems

What is the Vodafone Help Line for Network Issues?

Contact Vodafone on 1300 650 410 for help with network issues.

How do I get Network Status Information?

You can use the Network Status Checker to get up-to-date information on your Network Status.

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