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Vodafone Secure Net: is it worth it and how to disable it

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Vodafone Secure Net ensures the security of its users' data, information and privacy. Also, it comes with features that filter age-appropriate content, use a data timer to help save your data, and block unwanted and dangerous websites. In this article, find out about Secure Net, how to get it, if it is worth the trouble and how to disable it.

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What is Vodafone Secure Net?

Vodafone Secure Net is a service offered to users of the Vodafone network to help them secure their devices. If you have ever had a malware or virus attack on any of your devices, you will relate to how important protection against Malware is. Vodafone created the secure net service to ensure that you have protection from harmful content and Malware from suspicious websites and pages.

An extra layer of security guarantees this protection on your network that automatically redirects you to a safe site.

Features of the Vodafone Secure Net

  1. Protection from viruses or Malware attacks while on the Vodafone network.
  2. Blocking unwanted or dangerous sites while browsing.
  3. Age-appropriate content filters.
  4. Timer function for pausing Mobile data.
  5. Internet free time scheduling.
  6. Cleaning tool to remove threats picked up on WiFi.
  7. Customizable content filters.

How to get Vodafone Secure Net

Getting the Secure Net feature on Vodafone is a straightforward process. Follow these steps to gain access to the Vodafone Secure Net feature.

  1. Get any Vodafone Monthly plan: For four users in the UK, Vodafone automatically gives the secure net App when you subscribe to the Monthly Phone or Sim-only deals. Vodafone gives you access to Secure Net for free for the first three (3) months after subscribing to their monthly plans.
  2. Stay on the Secure Net Plan: If you do not opt-out of the Secure Net feature after the first three (3) months, you are charged an additional One pound (£1) added to your Monthly subscription package.
  3. Get the Vodafone Secure Net App: With the Vodafone Secure Net app, you can manage the secure net service for all devices connected to your network. With this, Malware or viruses on your Device can easily be scanned and resolved. You can get the App on Play Store for Android and App Store for apple devices.

Please note that the secure net feature is deactivated once you connect to any WiFi network, including Vodafone's.

Is Vodafone Secure Net worth it?

Like any other feature, Vodafone Secure Net has advantages and disadvantages. Deciding if it is a good choice means weighing all options and deciding what works for you.

Advantages of the Vodafone Secure Net

Check out the advantages of the Secure Net.

  1. Three months free trial. This trial period allows you to try out this feature and decide if it is a good fit for you and if the additional fee is worth it.
  2. Parental control Features. With the parental control features, you can monitor and regulate what your kid has access to on the internet and how long they spend glued to the screen.
  3. No need to download a secondary app or software. You do not need any third-party software to get the secure net feature. You need to switch your mobile data and get the secure Net.

Disadvantages of the Vodafone Secure Net

On the flip side, here are the disadvantages of Vodafone secure net.

  1. It limits access and use of other WiFi networks. Nobody wants to be stuck with just one option. A secure Net isn't available when you're on WiFi is a drawback.
  2. There have been a lot of complaints of customers being given this feature without prior information and getting charged extra after three (3) months.
  3. You have to opt-out of this service or keep getting charged, making it a bit burdensome.
  4. Secure Net might hinder access to websites that you want to visit.

How to turn off and cancel Vodafone Secure Net

There are two simple methods to deactivate Vodafone's secure Net. You could either do this through the Mobile App or the Website.

Through the Mobile App

Get off the Vodafone Secure Net service on the Mobile App by taking these easy steps.

  1. Go to Manage Bars & Extras
  2. Click on Buy and Manage Bars
  3. Choose the Mobile data option
  4. Flip the Vodafone secure net switch to off

Through the Website

Get off the Vodafone Secure Net service through the Website by taking these easy steps.

  1. Log in to MyVodafone online
  2. Go to Services & Extras
  3. Choose the Mobile data option
  4. Flip the Vodafone secure net switch to off

Frequently Asked Questions about Vodafone Secure Net

How do I Know if the App has detected Malware on my Device?

The in-app notification system will notify you.

When can I Deactivate the Secure Net option?

You can deactivate this feature whenever you want.

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