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Plusnet bolt-ons: get extra data, minutes and texts for mobile

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Plusnet bolt-ons allow you to top up your allowance when you need it the most, for as long as the allowance lasts or until your tariff refresh date. So, for example, if you've run low on minutes, texts or data, you can purchase a Bolt On to give them a boost until your allowances reset. This post will discuss the many bolt-on choices available on Plusnet and how to obtain them.

How to get a bolt-on on Plusnet?

All bolt-ons are available on all mobile plans, simply download the Plusnet Mobile App and activate your Bolt-on. (the app is also an excellent method to manage your account while on the go.)

You can also text the correct code to 07507 309082 or phone us at 0800 079 1133.

Purchased through ‘My Account’, bolt-ons are restricted to one per service type within 24 hours.

A Plusnet bolt-on will only cover the forms of usage included in your plan allocation, so if you buy one, you will only be able to use it for the things included in your plan allowance.

There are additional charges for;

  • calls and texts to other numbers in the UK and all numbers outside the UK when in the UK
  • calls and texts to other numbers in the UK or Roam Like at Home destinations when in Roam Like at Home destinations
  • calls or texts to rest of the World mobiles and landlines
  • sending media messages which may include messages containing emoticons

Bolt-ons are charged on top of any Smart Cap limit you have in place. They will be charged in the next billing cycle.

Plusnet data bolt-ons

Plusnet data bolt-ons are incredibly well spread and offer different values at different price points.

Here’s a breakdown of Plusnet data bolt-ons:

Amount SMS Request Cost
250MB DATA 250 £2.00
500MB DATA 500 £4.00
1GB DATA 1000 £6.00
2GB DATA 2000 £10.00
4GB DATA 4000 £15.00

Plusnet bolt-ons for extra minutes

Calls to any UK mobile, 070 personal numbering services, UK landlines, and national numbers beginning 01, 02, and 03 when in the UK or Roam Like at Home destinations, as well as calls to any Roam Like at Home standard landlines and Roam Like at Home mobiles when in Roam Like at Home destinations, are included in the minutes bolt-on.

You may not exceed 150 calls or 500 minutes (whichever comes first) per month for any mobile call plan or bolt-on that contains 500 or more inclusive minutes that include calls to 070 personal numbering services. If you go above this limit, Plusnet reserves the right to charge you for any further calls you make and suspend and/or terminate your account per the terms and conditions.

Amount SMS Request Cost
100 VOICE 100 £1.50
250 VOICE 250 £4.00
500 VOICE 500 £8.00
1000 VOICE 1000 £12.00

Get extra texts with a Plusnet bolt-on

When you're in the UK or one of the Roam Like at Home destinations, use your bolt-on to text UK mobiles. When in one of the Roam Like at Home destinations, you can now use your bolt-on to SMS Roam Like at Home mobiles.

Amount SMS Request Cost
100 SMS 100 £1.00
500 SMS 500 £4.00
1000 SMS 1000 £6.00

Are there Plusnet bolt-ons for roaming or international calls?

If your usual Plusnet allocation is exceeded while travelling in a Roam Like at Home destination, you can purchase a bolt-on for additional allowances.

A Plusnet bolt-on is frequently less expensive than out-of-plan expenses. It will provide you with additional allowances in addition to your regular allowance.

A Plusnet bolt-on will work in the United Kingdom, and all Roam Like at Home European destinations.

Bolt-ons will expire at the beginning of your next billing period. Any unused bolt-on allowances will not be rolled over to the following month.

What to do if your Plusnet bolt-on is not working

If you're having trouble with your Plusnet bolt-on service, several online instructions can assist you. Check out Plusnet Mobile FAQs. Or, use the native Plusnet troubleshooter to report your issue via SMS or online. The Plusnet team will run tests to determine what's causing the issue and explain how to simply resolve it.

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