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Best deals for existing customers on Plusnet: upgrade your package

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Last update: May 29, 2023
Fernando Carrillo
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Plusnet deals for existing customers are wide are varied; the easiest way to get the best deals is by upgrading. Stick around as we help you find a cheap Plusnet broadband deal from one of the UK's best value providers.

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Best deals for existing customers on Plusnet

Does Plusnet provide broadband offers to existing customers? Unfortunately, it does not publicize any special packages for current members, but that doesn't imply you should keep your subscription without negotiating a lower price.

When your contract expires, call Plusnet and inquire about the cost of extending your current subscription. So you know what a new customer gets, here are some of the current promotions:

Plusnet Fibre Broadband Line Only

£25.99 - per month

Speed: 36Mb avg. speed

Set-up cost: £0

Contract: 18 months

Plusnet Fibre Extra Line Only

£25.99 - per month

Speed: 66Mb avg. speed

Set-up cost: £0

Contract: 18 months

However, as an existing customer Plusnet customer, you will not be eligible for any cashback or voucher offers made available to new members.

That is why we constantly advocate checking into different deals with various providers so that you may take advantage of these kinds of benefits.

Plusnet deals for existing customers: upgrading as an alternative

When you renew your existing Plusnet broadband connection, you can also find out whether any upgrades are available to gain better speeds.

To begin, use our postcode checker to see what broadband speeds are available in your area.

Suppose you presently have Plusnet Unlimited Broadband (ADSL, with a speed of 10Mb) or Plusnet Unlimited Fibre (36Mb). In that case, there is a good possibility you can upgrade either to fibre broadband or to the fastest Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra service (66Mb).

Suppose you already have Plusnet Unlimited Fibre Extra. In that case, there is currently no upgrade path available from Plusnet, so you will need to switch to a different provider to gain faster broadband.

Broadband and phone deals for existing customers at Plusnet

Plusnet has a wide range of phone and broadband plans to suit any lifestyle. You can supplement your Plusnet broadband package with any of the following call plans:

  1. SIM-only deals
  2. Call extras
  3. Unlimited (UK mobile) calls
  4. Anytime international calls
  5. Evening and weekend (UK mobile) calls

Plusnet deals for existing customers: mobile

Plusnet Mobile is a network that rewards customers for their loyalty. If you already have Plusnet broadband or a home phone, you'll get a better value on their SIM-only options.

The system is known as "Mates Rates" and has been available for years. It gets great marks from us as a feature that encourages client loyalty.

Existing Plusnet broadband or home phone subscribers will receive an extra 2GB on top of their usual data allowance. Customers who do not use any of Plusnet's other services are not eligible for this incentive.

A new subscriber may receive 2GB for £6 per month, although a broadband or home phone customer may receive 4GB for the same price.

Here are Plusnet’s current SIM only plans with the 2GB extra data added on top:

Essential SIM-only deal

15GB data

£10 per month

30-day deal

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

Extreme SIM-only deal

30Gb data

£12 per month

30-day deal

Unlimited minutes

Unlimited texts

Advantages of Plusnet mobile-only deals for existing customers

Along with flexible SIM-only mobile deals you control, you have more reasons to keep your Plusnet sim card.

Top class coverage

Plusnet Mobile is proud to use the UK's best network, EE. You'll rarely struggle to fill those signal bars with 4G in more places than any other UK network.

Data bonus for broadband customers

If you're already with Plusnet for broadband, they'll make the deals even better with an extra data bonus, just because they value you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Plusnet deals for existing customers

What happens to my contract when I renew or upgrade?

When renewing or upgrading, you will sign another contract with Plusnet, pledging to pay for the service for that time. You should not sign up for a new contract if you know you will have to cancel early for whatever reason. Early termination costs can add up quickly.

Can I upgrade my Plusnet broadband?

You should consider upgrading if you are not already on Plusnet's fastest package (Unlimited Fibre Extra). Most ADSL houses will be able to upgrade to fibre optic, and if you have the entry-level fibre package, you will almost surely be able to upgrade to the faster service

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